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10 Ways To Boost Your Android Phone Speed ​​And Performance

Boost Your Android Phone Speed And Performance

Boost Your Android Phone Speed And Performance:- We all go through this situation. You have a fancy, new, latest Android device, in which you can fasten up everything from checking your email to playing games. It’s shiny and all the work is very fast, which you want to do. Using your phone, you get a lot of good filling.

But in a few months it starts shining, things are no longer the way it used to be before. It takes a lot of time to unlock the phone, to find the contact. We have to wait for the application to open and run. Your Android Slow!. This is a common problem, but you do not have to worry about it.

Please read some of the best tips below to run your phone fast and follow them.

1) Identify The Problem:

Do the first thing first. Find out what is the reason for the problem: Is it because of an app, multiple app or system itself?

To find out the problem, you should use the Trepn Profiler app. This will show you an overview of network traffic for both CPU load, data, and Wi-Fi both in real time for different core, usage of GPU load and RAM and much more.

10 Ways To Boost Your Android Phone Speed ​​And Performance
10 Ways To Boost Your Android Phone Speed And Performance

It’s designed to help you identify apps that hog your CPU, use additional data or drain your battery.Once you locate your specific issue, you can go to the following solution.


2) Delete All Those Apps You’re Not Using:

You know what I mean to say. We all download an app, try them once or twice, then forget that they are there.They keep sitting in the app drawer, counting their days and using your phone’s background services, such as CPU, memory usage, storage block etc.

Such things will not work, you have to say goodbye to such apps.To delete an app you downloaded, go to App Manager in Device Settings.

Here you will see a list of the applications that you have installed.Tap the Uninstall button to uninstall apps that are not needed for you now.

3) Clear Cached Data:

Your apps are constantly caching small minor data, which have the direct impact on your phone’s performance.But if your device is running on low-storage, then cached data will do the damage instead of helping it.

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Cached data is usually a good thing, and as long as you feel there is no problem, it is best to leave it the same way. By placing a few things in local storage, you do not need to download or generate each time you open some app. But there are also some drawbacks.

You can go to Setting -> Apps to clear the cache of each app. Or to clear the cache of all apps simultaneously, go to Settings-> Storage -> Internal Storage and tap on Cached Data.

4) Free Up Some Space:

All the photos you have taken and all the apps you have installed are consigned to your phone.

If the phone’s memory is completely full, give it a place to get your phone to breathe a bit by freeing it.You can see how much space is left by visiting the Storage section of Settings.

10 Ways To Boost Your Android Phone Speed ​​And Performance
10 Ways To Boost Your Android Phone Speed And Performance

There are many other ways that you can free up space.

5) Don’t Use More Widgets:

Widgets are great, but they consume huge resources and slow the device.

All widgets running on your home screen can be useful, but they can also take their proper share of the resources. If you have any widgets that you do not really need, consider deleting them.Try to limit your widget usage to as much as possible. Of course, do not sacrifice your whole Experience; Eventually, widgets are one of the best things that Android OS offers.

6) Don’t Use Live Wallpaper:

And here’s another awesome Android feature that enhances your smartphone’s experience. Live wallpapers are arguably fun, but they affect performance and battery life. If you are not ready to give a little bit of sacrifice for this fancy animation, then the chances of your phone being good are less likely.

7) Disable Unnecessary Animations:

Animations make all the transitions and interactions with your operating system, so you can do better experience. But this animation can cloak your phone too.

If your phone is starting to slow and the motion video is stopping, then it is best to turn off this animation. This will free a little processing power.

Navigate to Settings on your phone.

Tap on About phone.

Tap Build number 7 times. You will see a message in which you have enabled the Developer option.

Return to Settings and tap Developer options.

Tap on the Windows Animation Scale and tap “Animation off”.

This step is for Transition animation and Animator duration scale.

8) Close Down Apps And Free Up RAM:

Multitasking makes it easier to switch between different tools, but it can also have an effect on performance.

You can close an app quickly by calling a list of running apps – tap and hold the Home key and then swipe the app that you want to close.

9) Make Sure Your Software Is Up To Date:

You should update your phone’s software. Software updates are not always the same with new features, many times they also improve some bug-fixes and performance, which can speed up your device.

So always make sure that your software is always on the latest version.

10) Factory Reset:

Sometimes, the best way to get a new look in your Android device is to have Factory Reset (also known as hard reset). Especially in the old handset, this is the best way to increase a performance.

However, keep in mind that doing a factory reset means that all your data will be deleted. Before you take this step, you will need to back up all your files. Fortunately, the data of Micro SD card is not deleted in the factory reset.

Typically this setting on the phone is done in Settings -> Backup and Reset -> Factory data reset.


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