20 Year Old Tragic Deaths While Engrossed in playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG is been one of the popular battle royal game on this planet, but it also so much addictive. Which directly affects the human body because they do not design our body to be steady for a longer time. No to mention, these games are not to be stopping anytime soon.

A small incident happens, which is another life is been compromised by PUBG Mobile. The habit of playing a game for a longer time directly influenced our society and there were a lot of reports. On the other hand, the popularity of the app doesn’t been showing any deflection.

Today, a 20-year Youth lost his life because of extreme addiction and indulgence in the video game. This is not the first time, Where Life is been compromised because of addiction to a game like Pubg Mobile.

– What Happen With 20-Year-old Youth During playing game.

The name of the guy is Saurabh Yadav, Resident of Gwalior and Work as a parking attendant. He was Travelling from Gwalior to Agra for a Business of Ornament Polishing for Sharma’s Work with his Friend, Santosh Sharma. They Carried a Common Single Bad for Their Possessions and Saurabh Engrossed in playing the PUBG Mobile and Accidently Drink Chemical (Cleaning and polishing Ornament).

While he was Playing PUBG Mobile, He was Thirsty, and he Drinks Chemical Without checking what was in the bottle. That Chemical used for Polishing jewellery and Government Railway Police (GRP) send his body for Post-Mortem Examination.

Pubg Mobile Deaths

“It caused deterioration in his health and he collapsed near Morena (between Agra and Gwalior). Saurabh was dead by the time the train reached the Agra Cantt railway station,”
-GRP (Station in-Charge)

Family of both Friends has Reached Agra and the Post-mortem Examination report is awaited to get better clarity into this matter. This incident hinted us engulfed in it and Dire consequences of addiction.

Death Timeline in History of PUBG Mobile.

We already told you, this is not the first time when the player lost their lives to the addiction of PUBG Mobile.

  • 8-year-old Lived in Mumbai Commit Suicide When his parent didn’t agree to Give his Choice of Smartphone to play PUBG Mobile.
  • 15-Year-old lived in bhiwandi of Maharashtra killed his elder brother because the latter asked him not to play the PUBG mobile all day.
  • 16-Year-old lived in Madhya Pradesh is been Neemuch Succumbed to cardiac arrest after playing a game for Six Consecutive hours.
  • x
  • 17-Year-old lived in Jind of Haryana Committed Suicide because his Mother didn’t allow him to Play PUBG Mobile for a longer time.
  • 14-Year-old Live in Andra Pradesh Choose to Suicide after not allow to play games and been taken to a hospital immediately, but it’s too long. Unfortunately, he could not make it.

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He Hope, You play Game Safer and Please take Serious life decision. Thanks for being with us, Share your more valuable opinion and feedback in the comment section Down below. Stay tuned for further updates in the future.

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