Mother of 4 Childer Generate a Revenue of Rs 3 Laks a month from PUBG Mobile Streaming

Pubg Mobile is a huge hit all over a Country, where it opens a Doors for a Streaming, eSport Platforms and Start some Small business across the globe. Where PUBG Mobile Streaming is one of the fascinating things. This Story belongs a Housewife and a Mother of 4 Children generating Over ₹3 Lakhs a Month from his career PUBG Mobile Streaming.

PUBG Mobile Streaming

There were a lot of Beginners and players love to watch Game streaming and people also want to join the community to learn from different Gaming Streaming platform such as Youtube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, Twitch Tv, Microsoft mixer Were some of the popular game streaming platforms. Here, Beginners or People learn or Watch the stream.

PUBG Mobile Streaming

This Lady named Rosalinda Embrun from Malaysia successfully balancing the household chores and streaming career to support her family. Where She Earn over ₹3 Laks per Month just from PUBG Mobile Streaming.

PUBG Mobile Streaming

She Plays game on Facebook Gaming and his Identify recognized as a Professional gamer stream awarded on Facebook Gaming creator. Roslinda Page name Miss Rose Gaming having 10.6 Lakhs Followers generating 18,000 Ringgit ( ~₹3 Lakhs) per month from game streaming.

PUBG Mobile Streaming

Not to mention, She faced a lot of difficulties while streaming to become a Professional player. She Said, She forgets her duty of Mother and Skips household work while playing games.

Where she exactly don’t forget or say ignore but he doesn’t want to destroy her life and Work. She Plays for a Year, Giving 3 Hours of Games for PUBG Mobile Streaming at 10 PM. Sometimes, She also goes live before she going to bed for sleep.

PUBG Mobile Streaming

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