531 Team Banned in PMCO Fall Split 2020 for Hacking in Onlin Qualifer

PUBG is always doing various events Continuously. In spite of this, PUBG Fall split 2020 is planning to start tomorrow. However, during this stage, the winners of the web Qualifier, together with the invited teams, would fight for the ticket to the semi-finals rounds.


How many cheaters were banned?

Although, In an announcement, PUBG Mobile’s developers revealed that this tournament has one in every of the very best recorded registration numbers of the game’s history, and perhaps even Esports history, with over eighty thousand teams signed up. With each team being 4-5 people, you’re watching about 320-400 thousand gamers from everywhere the globe. This alone speaks volumes about PUBG Mobile’s success.

Although, it was found by PUBG that 531 teams in PUBG are cheaters. All done by the help of the Anti-cheat system and all the cheaters get Punished Manner fully. However, the banned teams’ list is not Unveil in Public. But for sure, there would be certain action against the 531 teams detected in online Hacking.

Hence, All the banned teams were detected automatically by the system – it’s very likely that they’re using cheats that modify the game’s files, which is that the easiest to be recognized cheat.

About tomorrow’s Group Stage format

In tomorrow’s Group, there’ll be 32 teams would be divided into 4 groups playing for six days. The highest 24 would advance into the following round while the underside 8 would be eliminated. Below is that the list of invited teams for the Group Stage. However, it would be 10th to 16th Positing secured by PMCO Spring 2020.

Moreover, The event is probably going to start within the afternoon or evening – streamed to survive PUBG Mobile’s official YouTube account.

So, we hope that you have got the information regarding “PMCO Fall Split 2020: 531 Teams Banned For Hacking In Online Qualifier”. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.

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