Almost two-third of smartphone gamers shifted to COD Mobile post-PUBG Mobile ban in India

PUBG Mobile is that the only online multiplayer game which gets more popularity in a short time. Almost 95% of the users were of PUBG mobile, But thanks to some security reasons, PUBG Mobile has banned up in India. However, the PUBG Mobile player base in India was met with extremely saddening news that their favorite game would now not be available.

Together with 117 other apps with Chinese ties, the sport was banned the Indian Government on account of security and privacy concerns. Although, PUBG Mobile had been a roaring success in every shape and form and was one in all the country’s biggest games. Basically, COD Mobile is basically a smartphone version of the console and PC industry juggernaut, Call of Duty. Since its launch last year, the sport received lots of praise for its signature responsive gunplay mechanics and was a fierce competitor to PUBG Mobile.

Two-third of mobile gamers migrated to COD Mobile after the suspension of PUBG Mobile in India. Although, in a very post-PUBG Mobile era, other games with battle royale and multiplayer modes were absolute to get popular, and it looks as if COD Mobile has taken the lead. Consistent with a CMR India Report, surveys indicate that almost 67% of PUBG Mobile players have now shifted to the current title. Even before the suspension, COD Mobile was seen as a legitimate threat to PUBG Mobile. Given the type of solid reputation, the Duty franchise’s decision has been ready to garner on consoles and PCs.

Whether it is proved out by numerals that COD Mobile, which is mainly got fame among all over the country. Touch controls were always visiting be a difficulty, but it looks like the devs have found the way to translate the signature Call of Duty gunplay to the touch controls besides. So, we hope that you have perfectly got content regarding ” Almost Two-thirds of mobile gamers migrated to COD Mobile after the suspension of PUBG Mobile in India.”

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