Automatic Clicker: Set up this tool to tap autonomously on your screen

Automatic Clicker is one of the Most Interesting Applications Out there, Which allow you to Click Automatic on a Specific Button on Your Android Screen.

Automatic Clicker will reliably click or swipe any location you target on your screen at whatever interval you choose. Automatic Clicker does NOT require root and works on full-screen apps!

If you’ve ever needed to keep a game active, tap the same button over and over, or tap anywhere as fast as possible. we’ve got you covered.

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This Feature Seems Unuseful But this is Perfect for those Games Where you Have to Click Multiple Time. This Time We Show you a Mission on Pubg to Complete a Mission in the Exchange of Reward.

Not to Mention, You have to Setup Automatic Clicker Manually Toggling its Configuration. You Need to Allow you to allow Permission and Select How Often you can press and the Total Amount of Time you Want it to be Clicking for You.

There Were Two Options to Choose From: The First You need to Setting up Automatic Taps on Single Spot on your Screen and The Second is to Setup Scatter Taps. Every time you have to COnfigure Each Individually, Because With the Pre-Set Mode You Would not have to Think about it too Much.

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Automatic Clicker is the Perfect Tool for Idel Clicker Games. All you have to do is Tab on the Floating Widget and From there Just Sit Back and Relax along Your Automatic idle Clicker.

Automatischer Klicker
Automatischer Klicker


  • The friendly user interface, easy to use
  • Support multiple click points, multiple swipes
  • Have a global timer to run for a certain amount of time
  • Can Import/Export automatic scripts


  • Only support Android 7.0 and up.
  • Require Accessibility service to work.
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Thanks for Being With us, Share your Opinion and Feedback in the Comment Section Down Below. Stay tuned for More Further Updates.

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How do you export the scripts?

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