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Top 6 Best Video Editing App For Android Mobile || Video Editing App

Top 6 Best Video Editing App

Top 6 Best Video Editing App:- The days went when you only used to record video on digital cameras or DSLR. With the advancement of technology, you can capture some great shots using your smartphone’s camera.You can shoot some great videos on your Android smartphone, but after shooting videos from your Android smartphone, you may need to edit it to make it a better quality and more fantastic.

Simultaneously, social media is becoming very popular and it is getting advanced every day. People like to share their holiday videos, party videos, Facebook, and other social media.

But sharing these videos with a smartphone camera on Facebook does not look so good for the eyes. By editing some basic video, you can make boring videos more attractive. Editing the video is not easy. On the computer, for this, high-capacity processing power, RAM, and space are needed, as well as knowledge about video editing as well.

Many times we think whether we can edit our videos on our mobile phone or not.However, today smartphones also come with good configuration, but they are not as powerful as the computer yet. Because of this, editing video on mobile is one of the toughest tasksHowever, there are some apps on the Play Store, in which you can perform basic editing and that too well. So, without delay, what’s the best video editor app for Android.

 Best Video Editing App 

1) Adobe Premiere Clip:

Best Video Editing App
Best Video Editing App

Adobe Premiere Clip is a big name when it comes to video editor apps. It has a long list of features, including the capability to create auto-generated video from images and videos, if you do not want to do it yourself.You can also manually edit your video using a variety of tools, effects, and music.

Before doing anything in Adobe Premiere Clip, you must sign in to the Adobe Account. Once you sign in to your account in the app, you will see a project page, which will contain a large empty My Project video player.

To start video etching, tap on My Project, and then tab to the + icon and add a video or photo to your mobile.Touch and drag to trimming, joining, and reordering your movie. In it you can also preview your video, as well as there are buttons for exposure in which you can adjust the highlight and shadow.


2) PowerDirector Video Editor App:

Best Video Editing App
Best Video Editing App

This app can be used as the best free Android video editing app. With the help of Powerful Timeline Video Editing, you can really add cool video effects. In this app, you can easily edit recorded footage in your smartphone. Along with this, you can create HD mini motion pictures with easy video fx and transition effects.

Not only this, in this you can also create Slow Motion Movie. In its slow-motion editor, you can adjust the speed of the video.

But any video you edit it will show the Watermark of PowerDirector. If you have to delete this watermark, then you have to spend Rs. 390.


3) KineMaster – Pro Video Editor:

Best Video Editing App
Best Video Editing App

KineMaster is a professional video editor of Full FEATURES for Android, which supports multiple layers. It includes images, exact cut of video with text, trimming, multi-track audio, volume control, 3D transitions and more.

In it, video clips and layers can be trimmed by frame-by-frame, audio clip timings can be adjusted with sub-frame acoustics.KineMaster You can also instantly preview the video. It supports four additional audio tracks and can include unlimited audio clips.KineMaster supports unlimited text, images, handwriting and sticker layers.

But in this also the video is saved with watermark, and in order to remove the watermark, you have to take a monthly subscription of 287.


4) Funimate:

Best Video Editing App
Best Video Editing App

Funimate is also a popular Android video editor, but it is not the most Powerful Video Editor app. There are 15 video filters in it and you can easily edit the video.With Funimate, you can instantly convert your everyday memories into creative videos and edit them in the Oscous Visually Effect.If you really want a simple and easy video editor, try the Funimate.

and It’s a really basic video editing application for android  mobiles.


5) Movie Maker Filmmaker:

Movie Maker Filmmaker is a classic design video editor, in which you can easily edit the video. In this you can trim, crop and reorder the video content of the video.

Best Video Editing App
Best Video Editing App

Along with this there are many types of video effects and you can apply your own custom filters. It is also completely free for use.


6) Magisto Video Editor & Maker:

Magisto is unique because it better edits the videos for you. All you have to do is upload your video clip, choose theme and music, and then watch Magisto’s magic!

Best Video Editing App
Best Video Editing App

For those who do not want to advertise any video themselves or are not interested in this work, set Magisto for them and have a solution to forget.

Magisto Video Editor automatically transitions your photos and video clips into a musical music video, which you will not be able to live without sharing your friends on Facebook or other social networking sites.


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