Born with Extra thumb helps to win PUBG Mobile, He doesn’t mind with his disability

By congenital anomaly isnt always a defect although, it may be a opportunity for you. As we all know that With the recent updates it’s found that An Indian boy born with an additional thumb on each hand says he’s pleased with his rare condition which helps him win at video games.

However, the young boy Faizan Ahmad Najar has 12 fingers because he was born with the congenital condition which affects only one baby out of 1500. However, The 12-year-old says the additional thumbs have helped him shine at cricket, his favorite sport, and video games like Clash Squad – while his parents are equally pleased with him.

Moreover, Among the games where Faizan exploits his 12-fingered advantage is Clash Squad, a part of the battle game Free Fire which was the most-downloaded game worldwide in 2019. Furthermore, The youngster says the additional thumbs also help him to scramble up trees faster than his friends and have made him adept at cricket.

Although, To his friends, he’s referred to as ‘Krrish’ – the star of a well-liked Bollywood superhero film series.However, the Faizan is from Sheeri Baramulla, within the Kashmir region of northern India, said: ‘I feel proud about it. there’s no shame – it’s omnipotence. However, ‘Sometimes, but seldom, i believe why only me? But overall, i’ve got some good friends at school who keep me from feeling that way.’

Although, Mushtaq Ahmed, a medic, said Faizan’s condition could be a defect which might originate whether or not the oldsters don’t have any such features. However, Faizan is decided to not let the defect hold him back.

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