Call of Duty Mobile announce Expanding of Existing Map in Season 7

Call of Duty mobile became one of the most popular game across the globe and the players were waiting for season 7 but due to the ongoing activity of #BlackLivesMatter situation. Their community off Call of Duty Mobile have been disturbed so there is a significant Delay to make awareness about the situation happening in United State. 

Dene Wale the beta testers n Call of Duty mobile itself start teasing their upcoming season 7 but did not and will the timeline about the release of Call of Duty mobile season 7. However, there is a chance to get the update quite imminent. The major thing is the extension of the map. 

Here are the following major cities that have been added to the call of duty mobile season 7. Since the game is getting a bigger map the time and strengthening make the site better. 


Here this map is used to be having and three-storey ballroom located in the middle and rounded by urban warfare and CQN battles. It was not a big town instead it was a small town with some classic and interesting intense battlespace. 

Black market 

It was an average size map but it having an underground surveillance system hidden inside the floor. Where the service centre still working and can possibly active and it seems to be quiet useful or makes it more strategy playing game. Meanwhile, you can locate the pinpoint of their enemies and all the vehicles along with their weapons. 


This was and quite identical to the doctor but it having a shape that loaded with and toxic barrel that previously used for chemical warfare also known as chemical war. Since the chemical was still continued for years and it seems to be working as well so it is not recommended to shoot but it can be used for a title the enemies suggesting the quite similar effect is going to happen with this gas. You can allow to shot and instantly it is going to be a blast.  

On the other hand, the game is also bringing some major improvements and the location to the game such as sky townheat and sanatarium. Unfortunately, there is no for the details but is suggesting some theme of radioactive agents and makes it more intense Battle Royale games so far. 

Something is not acceptable that it only having a single map instead Call of Duty has a lot of maths across its game COD ecosystem but they were not releasing yet. There was the report that call of duty is still preparing a lot of new maps for the mobile version but as of now the game would not be larger in size and not even there was a lot of smartphones that going to support larger storage. However, they can possibly be making the in-game download system but the other maps would have arrived later. 

Thanks for being with us we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more for the updates in future on same. 

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