Call of Duty Mobile get a chance to test in wake of PUBG Mobile Continues with Bad luck in india

Before a month, Indian PUBG Mobile players had to face the worst news: their favorite game was far from their country. Besides, not only PUBG Mobile but 117 other apps associated with Chinese producers even have to handle the identical fate thanks to the government’s concerns about their security and privacy.

Although, official launch on several gaming platforms, PUBG Mobile has made its way toward becoming one of India’s foremost favored games. That also explains the game’s huge number of fans and its influence on the mobile gaming industry generally. With such a giant success and widespread popularity, PUBG Mobile soon became the leader throughout mobile gaming history. However, the sport received several positive reviews due to a bunch of pure elements from the initial titles still as impeccable gameplay’s responsiveness.

Many gamers Shifted to COD Mobile after PUBG Mobile was banned.

Not long after PUBG Mobile was released, other battle royale games and multiplayer modes have also achieved a specific player base. Among them, COD Mobile seems to urge the foremost attention. A report from CMR India has revealed that about 67% of mobile gamers have switched their attention from PUBG Mobile to COD Mobile.

This is actually not surprising as COD Mobile was considered a giant threat to PUBG Mobile even before the ban thanks to the game’s retained reputation from the PC and console versions. Needless to mention more, the numbers have already called out the recognition of COD Mobile in India. Optimizing the touch controls for the sport is completely not a straightforward process. Still, the developers have successfully managed to bring the most effective gunplay mechanics into the mobile version.

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