Call of Duty Mobile PUBLIC BETA TEST Server: Download APK Public Test Build

Call of duty Public test build is already in the heading. Moreover, it is the basic public test of COD mobile, and Now, it is the opportunity and right time for the Public Test Build! This Public build test is primarily focused around one brand-new feature coming in the next major game update in August.

Here is all the basic information:

It basically starts from July 15th (PST)/ July 16th (UTC)Test end date is July 23rd (PST)Available for Android devices only. It has a file size of Size: 1.7 gigabytes And Developers says Wi-Fi Connection should be available to the first 40,000 players (first come, first served). You can download it by using the apk through the given link here:


Content suited for ages 16+ All information and player data collected during this test will be deleted The COD public test build will enable you to try out the different aspects of the next update, which will be coming at the beginning of August. We will have in-game surveys to collect your thoughts, feedback, and bug reports, and please make sure to participate in those surveys once you see them.


Call of Duty Developer team will be utilizing those reports to improve the next release. While we are not able to go over the specifics of what this new feature is, we can say it is called Gunsmith, and it is going to be a large addition to the core of Call of Duty: Mobile. Any and all time
Taken to help us test this will go towards making it better on release.

Some general tips for downloading this rather large file:

Do your best to make sure you on a secure, uninterrupted connection so that the whole package is downloaded without any issues. Try to turn off or stop your device from going into any kind of rest mode.

If you are running into issues, download the file, try using a different browser, make sure you have 4-5 gigabytes of data free on your device. This file and build are independent of the main build, and you do not need to remove or do anything with your main CODM application. It will install as another application that is executed separately.

The main featured modes running for this first test build are:

  • Team Death Match
  • Hardpoint
  • Domination


How to download COD Mobile beta

If all goes well, we will have additional public beta tests coming out after this first one and with more features and content to test. Those will require additional downloads. We hope this article may
Something informative for you.

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