Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 offers Battle Pass, 4 New Soldiers and 3 Weapon skins

COD mobile season 11 will soon to be released. But before release, Some leaks have revealed what fans can expect from the season 11 battle pass.

However, the enclosed data are sourced from the Social media handles of Garena, who is that the developer of Call of duty Southasia version. Mainly, the sport has carried with it two versions: one published globally by Activision and another published by Garena in the geographic region. Usually, the content for both versions stays identical. But, the name of only one has been revealed. This is often the Scylla, Future Vice. The brightly coloured Scylla is unlike the other skin within the game.

Mainly, The three weapon skins are the AK117: Neon Lotus, QQ9: Neon Grunge, and also the KRM-262: Point. Other than it, Activision teased today that a brand new weapon rarity may be coming to the sport in season 11. this can boost the five already present weapon rarities within the game: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

As per the sources, it’s already revealed that Season 11 of Call of Duty: Mobile will begin on Oct. 14 at 7 pm CT. So far, a new map, mode, and scorestreak are confirmed within the new season. The map is Modern Warfare’s King on which the one-vs-one and two-vs-two Gunfight modes will be played. The mode is named Cranked. Players explode on not getting a kill within a limited timeframe during this mode.

But now, it had been enclosed that the Advanced UAV is additionally coming to the sport within the next season. This provides a real-time location of the enemy team, including the direction they’re running towards.

So, we hope that you have correctly got your stuff regarding “COD mobile season 11 Battle pass encloses four new soldiers, 3 weapon skins”. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.

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