Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 lookalike COD Warzone -Leaks and Reports

The one in all the awaited Season 9 is simply some days away to bring lots of big changes in Call of Duty Mobile. Players are already excited about the upcoming update due to all the amazing content leaks we got from the test server, including some new locations within the ‘Isolated’ battle royale map.

  • New Battle Royale Drop Locations

    Firstly, just like season 7, COD Mobile Season 9 also will expand the battle royale map by adding four new drop locations. The new locations within the ‘Isolated’ map are Outpost, Radar Base, Camp, and Dormitory.

  • Armour Plates

    I have already played Call of Duty Warzone on PC or Consoles, and then you have to fathom armor plates. Because as they can get it under the loot. However, within the test server, the armor plates are wont to regenerate the health of players’ damaged vest.

  • New Battle Royale Intro

    Well, it’s true, Call of Duty Mobile is getting a brand-new battle royale intro animation. Moreover, Under the new animation, you’ll see your squad preparing to leap out of the airplane.

  • Personalized Custom Loadouts

    By now, you want to bear in mind that decision of Duty Mobile will introduce Gunsmith weapon customization in Season 9. The nice news is that the Gunsmith customization also will be available for battle royale mode. Now, you need to be thinking about how you’ll get your customized weapons inside the battle royale map. Well, similar to in Warzone, ‘airdrops’ inside the map will carry your ‘Personalized Custom Loadouts.

  • New Mods For Weapons

    This feature allows the players that now Players can use these Mods to produce unique buffs to their weapons. For example, the ‘Long Shot’ mod will increase the accuracy and damage by your weapon within the long-range. However, for every weapon, players are going to be ready to use just one ‘Mod.’

  • New Hacker Class

    Finally, a bit like every new season, Call of Duty Mobile season 9 also will introduce a replacement BR class, which is termed, Hacker.

So, we hope you would get all the necessary information regarding the season 9 of COD Mobile. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.

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