Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale-WarZone Leaked offical trailer

Call of Duty Modern Warefare, a Popular FPP Game across the globe likely to get a significant upgrade over Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Where the Close Combat gameplay supposes to be more intense. According to the report, the game generates $600 Million since on October 25th, 2019, from 6 Million copies.

Call of Duty Modern Warefare expected to be received a Battle Royal mode, The leak with the Codename “Warzone” depict the Call of Duty Mobile “Warzone.” Likewise, the famous character such as the Captain Price leaked with an Audio file alongside the gameplay screenshot. Whereas, the Audio of Captain, Price’s Voice leaked Says, “Plunder can be used at the Supply station to purchase killstreaks and other special items. Go get to the Supply Station.”

Furthermore, the game also comes with a |”Supply Station” feature, which was mentioned by Captain Price in a recent audio leak. Not to mention, there were massive changes in the in-game currency worth along a
Warzone mode. The Gasmask used to protect itself from the toxic gas depict as a blue zone and other items.

Highlight Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale WARZONE.

  1. ~ AirDrop in Battle Royale Warzone
  2. ~ ”Gas is Closing in, we need to exfill now”
  3. ~ Bombing Zone-like Red Zone
  4. ~ Players jump off The plane and open Parachute.

We believe the supply chain also used to be to prevent our character from the toxic if you are outside the zone. While there is no logical reason for the Mobile battle royal and it doesn’t deal break on mobile. While you are a Call of Duty means you have to pay attention to details and logic.

The zone is shrinking will be warned as the “Gas is Closing in, We need to exfill now” similar to Call of Duty Mobile “Zone is Closing in, We need to exit now in xx minutes.”

The listed goes on with the Class and skills to be used in-game as it signature gameplay of Call of Duty Mobile. Unfortunately, there are no official details about it, but the screenshot confirms it will be arriving soon.

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