Can FAU-G replace PUBG Mobile – Thing you should know actually.

Basically, Afterwards PUBG Mobile and 117 other Chinese apps were banned by the India Government,
the full gaming scene of the country is in chaos. With an avid fan base on over 50 million players in India,
the removal of the sport has created a vacuum that its competitors Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite are attempting to fill.

However, these competitors, the foremost peculiar is maybe a new home-brewed title called FAU-G.
during this article, we might take a glance at FAU-G to work out if it could replace PUBG Mobile in India.

What is FAU-G?

FAU-G Stands for (Fearless and United Guards) could be a play on the Hindi word for someone related to
the military. it’s also suspiciously passable for a weird pronunciation of PUBG. The timing of FAU-G’s
reveal (during the Indian border conflict) together with the main target on the Indian Army looks like a
trial to take advantage of the mainstream attention and attract the wave of gamers who are trying to
find another to PUBG Mobile.

When will FAU-G be released?

Although, The announcement of the sport was virtually received after shared by the Bollywood actor
Akshay Kumar. However, it had been later debunked by the net – revealing the very fact that the shared
poster was a stock image edited with Indian flags and texts. With one among the foremost essential
details sort of a poster incompleted, it’s unlikely that the sport would be released anytime soon..

Can FAU-G challenge the competitors?

The Gaming world changes super fast… and making a game isn’t that easy. If they need only begun
acting on FAU-G since May, it’d take a minimum of a year or more for the sport to be completed and
polished. That’s way too long and therefore the opportunity might need already passed. Below is that
the tweet from Akshay Kumar about the sport.

So, we hope that you have uniquely got the info regarding “When Will FAU-G Be Released? Can It
Actually Replace PUBG Mobile”. Thanks for being with us, We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section

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