China also going to ban (PUBG Mobile) Game for Peace like India but for another reason

Now, Due to various circumstances, PUBG Mobile may be one of the unluckiest games within the market. It’s been banned and unbanned again and again in Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq… Yet, the Indian Government’s ban on the sport still makes headlines in recent weeks. Indian accounts for twenty-four of PUBG Mobile’s download time, and it is not an honest scenario to lose 1 / 4 of the player base.

The Chinese Government Never Approved PUBG Mobile

Basically, the Chinese Government has not approved the distribution of it within the country. To make matters clear, we’d prefer to explain true a bit bit. In China, if you look to publish a game, you wish to own a license approved by the govt.. the matter is that the Chinese Government only approves 40 games a month, including mobile, consoles, and PC. to not mention a busy maze of legal issues, terms, and conditions.

After a year later, the result came saying that the Chinese Government didn’t approve of it. Although, It approved in 2019 as “PeaceKeeper Elite” or “Game for Peace.” Therefore, it had been not PUBG Mobile that got the approval, but it clones instead.

PUBG Mobile could also be Getting A Ban In China Soon

From this time onward, we would like to form it clear that we’re relating the Chinese identical to PUBG Mobile. Yes, it’s a fairly good chance of getting a permanent ban from the govt, of China. The world’s largest country has been looking into mobile game developers. In only the previous couple of months, thousands of unlicensed apps were aloof from the local app stores.

If Tencent Games fail to justify their actions before the Chinese Government, there is a good chance that PUBG Mobile is banned from the country of its origin. That may not be a good scenario for the tech giant. China holds quite half the game’s revenue furthermore as download times.

So, we hope that you have got your stuff regarding “After India, China Might Be The Next To Ban PUBG Mobile, But For Another Reason.”

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