Content of Immortal Fenyx Rising officially Announced – REPORT

Recently, during a post, Ubisoft posted inforImmortal Fenyx Rising is Ubisoft’s upcoming game that’s heavily influenced by Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Releasing on December 3rd, the esport will specialize in Fenyx’s journey to free the Gods of Olympus from a curse. The esport is going to be releasing for all consoles together with Google Stadia, PC, and Amazon Luma.

Although, Ubisoft has recently announced the post-launch content of the esport. There’ll be many free in-game events, weekly dungeon challenges, daily quests, and three main story expansion for the players. The Episodic story expansion is going to be available for players who buy the season pass or the Gold Edition of the esport. These include a replacement God, Myths of the Eastern Realm, and also the Lost Gods.


  • All New God

    In this expansion, Fenyx will meet the Gods in their home, i.e., in Olympus, to require on the Trial of the Olympians. Fenyx will prove its worth by completing these trials stuffed with unknown challenges and traps and thus can join the circle of the Pantheon.

  • Myths of the Eastern Realm

    Mainly, the Myths of the Eastern Realm expansion will take players to Chinese mythology. Here players will control a replacement hero called Ku, who embarks on a journey to rescue mortals in an exceedingly new open-world. The DLC’s combat and exploration style also will diverge, focusing heavily on a novel fighting style supported the Chinese Martial Arts.

  • The Lost Gods

    Basically, The Lost Gods mythology will take players back to Greece and also classical mythology. But this point around, the esport will introduce a brand new hero and a brand new gameplay style. The esport will become a top-down brawler instead of a third-person hack and slash. Here players will control Ash, championed by Fenyx, who adventures through a brand new island to seek out the lost Gods to revive the balance within the world.

So, we hope that you have correctly got known about “Content of Immortal Fenyx Rising officially Announced”.

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