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How to Customize Website in Your Own Favorite style!

Customize Website

Customize Website:- Stylebot Modify Websites Appearance Hindi.

Every day you open and read many websites on the Internet.Have you ever visited a website and thought that “I want to have the presentation of this page something like this”? You think so because the website that font size is too small or color is not good, so you have difficulty reading it.

Do the websites you read frequently, have a font size too small or do you like color combinations?So do you want to increase the font size of this article or change font color or background color?If so, do you want an easy way of customizing your web browser for these changes? Then I have a good news for you if you use Chrome as your browser.


If you are upset with bad color choice, small font size or other design problem, then you can have the same solution for Stylebot – Chrome web browser for the same solution.With StyleBot, you can instantly tweak the visual design of any website. You can also hide fonts, colors, margins, padding, element or write themselves the CSS manually.Your custom CSS style will be saved and the next time you visit this site, the automatic formatting will automatically apply to the format you set.

CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. CSS disables how the HTML elements will be displayed on the screen or other media.CSS saves a lot of work. It can control the layout of many web pages at once.Stylebot By using this Google Chrome extension, you can change and update the style element of any website. After this, whenever you visit this site, that webpage will appear in this format.

Stylebot is a special feature that allows users to save web page presentations and customizations made in the appliance, thus you can load the web page element in any way possible.Install Stylebot Chrome extension from this link to get started.

what is Drone and how Drone Works?


Once installed, go to the page that you want to change, and click the small “CSS” button that has been edited in your browser.

Then choose Open Stylebot.

Now move your mouse around the screen and note that, as you do, each element of the page is highlighted from the green color box.

Click on the element you want to change, then click the corresponding button on the Stylebot panel.

Customize Website

And all! Your changes will be saved automatically and whenever you open this page or site in the future, you will see this same effect.You can also see the preview of style created by other users on Stylebot website and install them.

Last word:

Stylebot basically lets you see the web in that style of your choice. You can customize your favorite websites with your style.
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