Download PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 BETA Global APK For Android and iOS

A few Days Back, PUBG Mobile Officially Launched their 0.16.0 BETA Version of the Game. This Version used for Testing and Improving Upcoming Features on the Game. Later the Same BETA Game after Fixing Bugs and Crashes PUBG Mobile Developer Will Rollout the Stable Version.

As Expected the Game Will Initially Rollout for Chinese Players, To Ensure the Stability of the PUBG Mobile 0.16.0. Later it Will Staged Rollout in Few Weeks after Making Sure there were no Critical bugs. If There Were No Critical bugs are Found the Global Version Will Roll out in upcoming months.

PUBG MOBILE NEW UPDATE 0.16.0: Checkout all the New Feature Added in this BETA Version, Everything you Need to know!

PUBG Mobile 0.16.0

First thing First, Some of the Highlights of the Upcoming Features. You Should Know Before Start Playing BETA version of the Made, We are Not Going to Discuss it on Brief because We have Dedicated Article on individual Features but these Will Give Rough Idea about the Feature.

In Classic Match All Time Favourite Map “Erangel”. If you thinking about Erangel 2.0 then Sorry it is Not instead Map Added a Snow Are, Which Look Quite Similar to CODM Original Map.

While it is Inspired, but it added a new Ski Lifts to Reach Mountain, Where you can ski Using Ski-Boards from the Top of the mountain. However, if you like to play FPP but Want to Play With your Friends on TPP or Would you like to Enjoy a Switch between TPP to FPP. This already enjoyed by PUBG Lite and PUBG PC for a Starting but PUBG Mobile didn’t have it.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.0

Looking like PUBG Mobile Looking forward to it, It is One of the Most awaiting Features on the Game is to be reached. You only allow to Switch in TPP, not in FPP, It Was a handy Option to having it on the game. Even you can now Head yourself While Walking but Not Running, Which already is a Great Feature to Have it.

On the other hand, The Game Will Receive a Major Upgrade With a Derby Race Mode Also Known as Death Race Mode. Which a Complete TDM of Vehicle, Rules are Simple to use your In-Build Heady Duty Guns placed on top of your Car and a Second player With Gun to knock out Opponent.

We are Not Confirming these Update Will Initially Rollout in next Update Instead it Takes time but it Will Arrive Somewhere Next Year.

And here’s the changelog!
Version: 0.16.0

  • Added Snow Area in Erangel.
  • Introducing Death Race Mode “Derby Race”
  • Introducing Vehicle Customizatation “Vehicle Upgrade”.
  • Added TPP (Third Party Perspective) to FPP (First Person Perspective) Switch in TPP Mode.
  • Heal During Walking Not Running.

This PUBG MOBILE BETA 0.16.0 Require ~1.4GB of Free Space (Download Size). If you are Android User you can Use Any browser but iOS Users only Download using Safari browser. This Link Will be Active until the APK File Rolled Back and Download Like Safe to Download. In case the Download APK isn’t Install, Delete or Uninstall the Old Version and Try again.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.0


  Click Here to Download for Android

   Click Here to Download for iOS

Quick User Guide for Android

  • Please open the Android Link on Any browser.
  • Allow Package to install from Setting (Unknown Source).

Quick User Guide for iOS

  • Only Open the iOS Link With Safari browser.
  • After Download Complete, Open Setting > General > Profile and Device Management > Trust the Certificate.
  • Install the PUBG Mobile BETA Package.

There Were More New Feature, Which We Didn’t Notice. A fixed known issue in Some Interface and Features. If You Would Like to Read Our Previous Coverage, Where We Dicuss about the Upcomming Feature Which you Can Try. Mentioned Below.

Note: This Article is Developing Until the PUBG MOBILE Developer Active Next PUBG MOBILE 0.16.1 BETA. Also, Downloading Link Active Until PUBG MOBILE DEV Roll back PUBG MOBILE 0.16.0 BETA. Even, We are Not Responsible for Data Loss or Any Uncertain Condition occur.

Have you Tried the BETA Version Already? Let Me Know your Opinion and Share your Feedback in the comment Section Down below!

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