Dr Disrespect likely to play game with Scout and Tanmay on August 21st

Finally, After an extended absence from streaming because of his controversial Twitch ban, Although Dr. Disrespect, an icon of the game get back to his forte. However, The 38-year-old broke all concurrent platform records by surpassing the 335k+ mark on his very first stream, without a face cam.

Yesterday during his stream, Dr DisRespect also confirmed that he would be wiggling with India’s PUBG Mobile superstar, Tanmay & ScoutOP Singh on his Friday stream in the week. This particular announcement has caught the eyes of Indian fans with scout himself confirming the event, earlier today.

It all started when YouTube Gaming Lead, Ryan Watt praised a number of the platform’s top content creators on Twitter. He specifically mentioned Scout, Mortal, Dr DisRespect, Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye among more to focus on his claims. Rumours started circulating when Dr. Although, posting the confirmation of the August 21 stream; Scout admitted that this was a fanboy moment for him, to play alongside one among his favourite streamers.


Only on PUBG pc version Dr DisRespect and Scout will play

After revealing that he are playing PUBG with Scout, fans immediately asked whether they would play PUBG PC or Mobile. Dr DisRespect was quick to substantiate that they might play the PC version and was confident that scout would adapt thereto easily, just like the mobile version.

Scout isn’t short in numbers because of his massive following in India. Recently, Scout registered his highest concurrent peak of 358K+ live viewers within which he tried to induce the M416 Glacier- a rare weapon skin in PUBG Mobile.

Dr. Disrespect last played with Pewdiepie, which also teased up in a tweet for the purpose of collab. However, the stream got many views rather than expected. There is plenty of collabs soon for Dr DisRespect, especially with Indian streamers because of the immense support shown here by the audience within the country on YouTube.

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