Faker is the Most Valuable Pro Esports Player Getting $1 Crore Offer

We all have wonderful, Who Would be the Most Valuable Pro eSport Player in the World of all time. Yes, it exists and his name is Faker getting offers of $1 Core. Seriously, he has known because of his great kindness and legendary talent in the game.

He was a mention for his birthday on new York’s Time and he also avoided a match while streaming because he wants to play with his viewers. Not only this, he is one of the player.

Who include in the eSport hall of Fame from ESL. If you don’t know him, but those players who play Legends (LOL) Fans heard the name of “Faker” if you love to getting knowledge.

Faker belong to Sout Korea and he is one of those players who won the LOL World Championship frequently for Three times. Playing as a Mid laner in T1 eSport With his excellent skill and talent makes him a Most Valuable LOL Player in eSport for all time.

The Faker Real name is Lee Sang-hyeok is also the Most Expensive player in the World and he Received many enormous offers from teams for the 2020 Season Championship.

Faker is the Most Valuable Pro

His Recent Interview on Radio Star, a Popular Radio Show shared his resigned With T1 and Might play for them for the Upcoming 2020 Season Championship.

It also Confirmed he received a offer of a $1 Crore Contract and a Team from a North America even gave him a Blank Cheque. The Device his Loyalty to fan and He Didn’t want to leave so he Rejected those offers.

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