Fortnite players think new ‘meteor’ could hint at return to original map

Fortnite always plays a great role in-game events as it always has a unique concept that brings the entire community together. Because it is one of the most popular game. Whether there is a huge Collaboration with Star wars but they always seem to be planning new things and Now, they are planning the next big event.

Travis Scott’s series of in-game performances are next as the rapper gets to jump on stage starting from April 23. However, a few subtle teases around the new event have players confident that the game will return to its Original Map.

From the starting of Chapter 2, Fortnite players have been got the brand new map referred to as ‘Apollo.’ This map replaced ‘Athena’ from the first Chapter as the original battleground was Buried up into a black hole. And the Mighty players recently Spotted a tease on the new Astro Jack Skin which appears to hint at the old Fortnite map. The next one tease was spotted by YouTube CronicGamerZ, who was streaming Fortnite during that, the object flew across the sky briefly and then phased out of view.

It could collectively a Good thing that Travis Scott’s event is happening, where he is debuting a brand new song called, get this, ‘Astronomical’. Some fans, however, some want to believe it is something Huge.

As, the event ongoing at the moment until the end of the week, and with Season 2 Part 3 set to start in June. So, we have to wait and what happened to be Next.

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