How to Fix Ping Issue in Pubg Mobile: Guide New Methods – 2019

The Online Multiplayer game Battle Royal Pubg Mobile, Majority of the Players are Now Playing this Game regularly. Sometimes, We have to Face Problem Especially Related to Higher Ping Which Makes the Game Difficult to Control and Play. While Some Having a Problem With there Internet Connection But With a Good Internet Connection People Still facing a Ping Issue. 

How to Reduce Ping, Fix Ping in PUBG Mobile and lagging issues in Pubg Mobile

Let’s Discuss this Problem, How you can Resolve your Ping Issue. We have been Tested and Find Some Ways to Resolve. We Kept the Guide Easy and Straight Forward. Even this Don’t Require a Root Device to achieve a Low Ping in pubg Mobile. I am Using Redmi 5 as My Device Meanwhile the Setting appearance Could Not be Similar across all the Devices. 

1. Add PUBG MOBILE On your Native Game Booster

Nowadays, most of the OEM are Pusing and Providing a Pre-Installed Game Booster Which is Designed to Focus on those Resources Which Require during Playing the Game.

Ping Issue in Pubg Mobile
Xiaomi Game Booster

This Native Game Booster Help to Reduce Background activities So the Game Could be More Smoother. We Suggested using Native Game Booster Because it Designed to Stop Background Sync, Apps, Management and Resources.

This Booster optimizes the Performance of the Device, prioritize the Bandwidth and Down latency. Which can Be Activate by Simply from Security app or From Setting With the Name Game Booster or Game Turbo. If your Device Doesn’t have any Kind of Game booster than you can Also Use Game Booster application from the Google Play Store.

2. Extreme WiFi Setting Mode

If you are using your WiFi and you are Facing an Issue With your Wifi. Then you Can Toggle your Wifi Setting by Going into Additional Settingor Advance, Here Switch From Regular Mode to Extrem Mode. Not to Mention, It Will Increases the Usages of your Batter but the device Will be Starting Receiving Wifi Connectivity This Will Re-Routed all Network Resources at Full Potential.

Ping Issue in Pubg Mobile

3. Disable Background Sync

This is Major Reason and Responsible for Lower ping, This is Because your Internet Connection is been Divided into Different Apps. You Can Easily Change from Open the Toggle Notification Bar and Click to off Sync.

Also, you can do it from suspicious app Setting and Uncheck the  Interne Connectivity “WLAN\WiFi” and “Mobile data. Make Sure your Uncheck Both, Eventually, you can Do the Same for the Battery Saver Simply off the Battery Saver.

4. Third-Party Ping and Graphics Tool

We Don’t Recommend to Use any third Part apps But Stil you want to Use Third Part apps Like GFX Tool. We Clear that it Doesn’t Have to do with Ping. Changing Graphics Setting at 720p, Rendering Quality to Low or Medium based on your Preference.

This Will Enable GPU Optimization and Bring Down Ping. There is one More way, The Ping Latency Apps Help to Improve the Server Client Connection With just a Single Tap. 

Download Mobile Gaming Ping: Anti Lag Tool for all Games V1.0.3 APK

5. Change Server

Now the Game PUBG Mobile having a Country Based System Means you can’t Change Game Server But Still you can change your Location. However, if you are Getting Ping above 200 then you Use a VPN. We have a lot of VPN to Try Just Mention Right Here NordVPNSpeedifyUFO VPN and More.

6. Space Management


This Play a Major Role to Game, Read and Write Speed of your Device alongside the Space Available in your Device. You Should Pay attention toward your Memory about Cleaning the Junk Files using Native Security app.

if your OEM Doesn’t Provide any Security app then you Can do it Manually from Setting and Open app after Clean the Cache Memory. Possibly it Helps in better Ping in Pubg Mobile.

7. Repair or Clean Cache of Pubg Mobile

If you Having Such Serious Problem like your Game Work Fine in past Days But Experience the Problem in Couple of Days. So you can use the  Pubg In-build Repair functionality.

Ping Issue in Pubg Mobile
PubgM Login Screen, Right Side Repair Option

On the Load Screen or login Screen, You Will Find the Repair Button. It Will Reset all your Game Configuration and Controls. It Worthy your Time By Significantly Reduce Ping While Playing Game. 

8. Switch to a 5GHz WiFi Router

If you have Good Internet Connection, Then might be there is a problem With your Route. On the other hand, Your Device Support Higher Rate  WiFi Frequency, With the Use of 5GHz, allow you to Connect the Server Much faster and Decrease the latency. Moreover, you Will Going to Experience a PUBG Mobile Without any Delay in Response.

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We Hope, This article Helped you to Fix Ping While Playing Pubg Mobile. Let us Know your Experience and What Soultuion you’re Tried to Reduce ping in the Comment Section Down below. Stay tuned for More Further updates in future Updates in future.

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