How much time, PUBG takes to ban the game in india -PUBG Mobile din’t respond yet!

Nowadays, there are several ups and downs coming in the gaming industry as because of conflict between India and China. The Indian government has done many actions against china but which are in favour of Indian citizens. Meanwhile, Earlier India banned 59 Chinese apps, but now, there banned more 118 Chinese apps. This ban has been implemented as a response to the continued tensions between India and China over border disputes.

PUBG Mobile banned in India

a similar ban on 59 Chinese apps was imposed in June, where one among the foremost popular applications, Tik Tok, was far from the Google Play Store. In one more unprecedented move, the Indian government has decided to ban 118 more Chinese applications, including the popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile.

The Indian govt. Ban the more Chinese apps on the 2nd of September as per the Ministry of Electronics and data Technology, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite will both be off from the Google Play Store very soon. The game is anticipated to travel off the charts at about 12 am on the 3rd of September.

On the idea of those and upon receiving of recent credible inputs that information posted, permissions sought, functionality embedded furthermore as data harvesting practices of above-stated Apps raise serious concerns as these Chinese apps store the user’s personal data and Use them for some unofficial use which is against the public policy of a country.

So, the Indian govt. They banned these apps. And using the sovereign powers, the Indian has confirmed decide to ban all Chinese apps which are harmful or share users personal data. Concerns over privacy have led to the current mammoth move by the Indian government, and that we are yet to determine the total repercussions of it on the gaming industry.

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