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How to connect mouse on android, how to use mouse & keyboard on android,

Hello guys,  i am ritesh and today i am back with a new tip.

So guys today we will learn how to use mouse and keyboard on android device,  themn read this full post and i am 100% sure about today you are able to using rfor mouse and keyboard. 
1. First connect the one end of the OTG cable to your Android phone or tablet then connect either a keyboard or a mouse.

2. Once detected, you will get a notification on your Android device.
3. When mouse is connected, a pointer would appear on the screen which you can use to scroll through pages, click on applications and do all basic things a mouse would normally do on computers.

5. So guys if you want connect mouse and keyboard with each other than you have to need a USB EXTENSION tyhen connect your OTG to this extension and now are able to many USB plug. ( connect your mouse and keyboard) 


4. When keyboard is connected then you can use your Android device as a computer to edit and create Microsoft office documents much faster as compared to using the tablet’s touch keyboard.



Now you have successfully connected a USB keyboard or mouse to your Android device. You can work on your Android far more easier and faster than ever before. Just try the USB OTG and make your digital life easier.
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