Call of Duty: Mobile Is Finally Available for Android and iOS for Everyone

A Much awaited Game Call of Duty Officially launched for Mobile Devices on Google Play Store. This Game is Now available to download on your Android and iOS powered devices.

The Games is Developed by Activision in Collaboration With Tencent, Game is available to Play for Free Expect the Content Updates Coming in Upcoming Months.

“Call of Duty: Mobile” Is Finally Now Available for Everyone to Play to download on Android and iOS

Call of Duty mobile is the Latest Offering from Call of Duty Franchise, after announcing the Game to be Released in March this year. Not to Mention the Game is Identical to the Call of Duty: Legends of War. The Game is not a Small Size File it Requires a 1.5GB of Free Space including all Files.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The Game is Quite Similar to Pubg Mobile, Some Players says it is a Perfect Competitor for pubg Mobile. Nowadays, pubg Mobile having a lot of Scripts Using Players. Which Running the Game.

COD Mobile Bring Similar Features to Pubg Mobile or More than Because of it already one of the Popular game on PC for a Long time.

Additionally, There Were a lot of Players Familiar With the Character, Combat Mechanics and Game Settings. Activision Promise to Bring a PC like Experience of Mobile platforms. Game Require a Powerful Devie to Enjoy Game in High Setting, But least you Need a 2GB of Ram alongside With an Android 5.1 or Later. Where iOS Require an iOS 9 or Later Version on the Software Side.

During Some First Few Matches, It Includes Bots to Play With So New Players get used to It. The Guide is also Easy and Helpful in First Look. Under the Hood, The Game Offers you a Five Different Modes like Free-For-All, Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint and Domination apart from Battle Royal. Yes, It has a battle royal Which is Similar to Pubg Mobile Classic Matches.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Battle Royal Mode Support 100 Players With 100 Players, You can play for Solo, Duo or Squad. Even there Were exciting Items across the Road Such as ATVs, helicopter, Tactical Rafts Vehicles. 

Likewise, the Touch Control is Simpler and looks Very Promising in the Terms of Graphics. Setting and loadout are Configurable allow Players to Choose According to their Preference.

It is compatible wit iPads and iPhones on iOS 9 or a later build can run the game: Everything you need to know

The Game also having Two Different Modes With Simple and Advance. Where Simple Mode have Auto-Fire at Enemies When the Reticles is Focused on them. Where the Advance Require players to Do all things Manually. Advanced Mode gives better offering like holding Different Weapons types and Customize the HUD.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Loadout is Fulled With Primary and Secondary Weapons. There are Skins for Each weapon as Well alongside Expensive and Tactical Grenades. Weapons are upgradable like Call of Duty: black ops 4. Loadout also Provide an Option with a Three Perks and Level up their Weapons as they Play With Each One.

The Guns are Fron Call of Duty: Black ops and Modern Warfare alongside Alex Mason, Thomas Merrick and Simon Ghost Character in the Game. The Loadout having a Multiple Options and Customisation Options to be Located. Game is Mostly optimised for FPS either TPP is Not Worst.

Call of Duty: Mobile will offer players access to familiar maps, compatible with Android phones packing 2GB RAM or more.

Beginner player Initially Get access to Some Smaller Map Like Nuketows, Crash, Hijack, Crossfire, Standoff, Crash and KillHouse. The game also Include an In-Game Purchase Where the CP Virtual Currency is available to Purchase From €1.09 to €109.99.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Meanwhile, the Item is always on Sale With the Basic Loot Crate, Vehicles, Weapon XP Card and other items. There is also a Premium Pass to unlock more things in Game.

On the Other Hand, Games Give you a Daily login Perk. However, Activision also enticing People to Watch Video ads in the Exchange for Rewards. The Games Featuring access 60fps Gameplay. 

There is No Doubt this is an era of Online Multiplayer games Where it Works Online With a Decent Internet Connection. It Will Feature a ScopreStreal gives you a tool Like Recon Car, UAV, Air Rescue Drop, hunter Drone and VTOL.

You Can download the Game here

Call of Duty: Mobile

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