How to Download Latest Pubg Mobile KR 1.1 Metro Exodus Update in iOS

PUBG Mobile Was Recently unrolled Its Version 1.0 Update, With a variety of latest Futures for Its Players,
Including the New Erangel Map. But, Now they introduced a replacement update called 1.1 Korean

However, This new update carries with it exclusive details within the Metro Mode and various items are added to create the sport experience more vivid. Currently, the sole change that may be potentially implemented in classic mode is that the “Melee Throw” option.

Features of PUBG Kr 1.1 Update

  • All new melee Mode

    This mode has two unique maps together with scotopic vision and thermal Sight.

  • Metro Royale Non-Battle System

    In this, The players are going to be able to bring out the pre-configured equipment within the loadout
    into battle.

  • Classic Mode Themed Gameplay

    In this, all new theme is to be seen consist of winter castle paradise and festival Hut. Spike Trap is one
    amongst the most features of Classic Mode.

  • Classic Mode additions and enhancements

    It has now Spike tap, and users can throw melee weapons and put them into a bag.

Procedure to download PUBG KR 1.1(iOS)

To download the newest version of PUBG mobile, mainly you have got to alter the region or country to Korea on your App store that steps given below.

  • First, Open the App Store.
  • Then, click on your account icon.
  • Now, Head to Your Account>Country/Region>Change Country or Region.
  • Then, Select Country to “Korea, Republic of. Now, Accept terms and conditions.
  • Type your address details and click on Done.
  • Now, Restart the App store.
  • Then, rummage around for PUBG Mobile and Download the sport.
  • Hence, you’re now able to play PUBG Mobile KR 1.1 Update on your iPhone.

So, we hope that you just have correctly got your content regarding “How to Download Latest Pubg
Mobile KR 1.1 Metro Exodus Update in iOS”.

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