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How to download PUBG Mobile KR 0.19.0 version and Korea Season 14 update

Tencent Games always thinks something new about their users and enhancing the mobile gaming experience with its popular multiplayer games because the season 13 of PUBG mobile is going to end on 12th July. The players are very excited to see the season 14 also the new additions to the game. These updates will be enhanced only after a 0.19.0 update has been released. But before the release, there have been several leaks about PUBG mobile. Several PUBG mobile players have been waiting to know.

Here are the Additional Season 14 RP and Rewards

The users are eagerly waiting to see some PUBG mobile season 14 Update. One of the most significant things in the season 14 update is that the theme is supposed to be a “Spark the Flame” and it will also introduce many leaks that includes several outfits, skins for weapons, Vehicle and more in the to PUBG Mobile Season 14. Now, finally, the release date of PUBG mobile Korea Season 14 Update has officially announced. Now, it is going to be released on 14th July 2020. And, For Sure, it will bring up lots of exciting rewards such as Avian Tyrant Set, M416 gun skin, character Pharoah, and many other things.


PUBG Mobile Korea has released two versions of Season 14 Royale Pass, which offers different perks.
Suppose we talk about the first, which is the Elite Upgrade Royale Pass that costs 600 UC. Buying this
Pass, players will be able to unlock elite missions. Elite Upgrade Plus is mainly the second edition of Season 14 Royale Pass, which enables you to quickly Unlocks additional rewards, and it costs 1800 UC. And the Roaring Dragon and Dragon Hunter-themed the rewards from Season 5 will be returning to the game on behalf of the celebration of the 2nd Anniversary Of Royale Pass.


  • Night Commander Set and; Butcher of Stalber -S1897 (Unlocks at RP 1)
  • Night Commander Headgear (Unlocks at RP 5)
  • Like Emoji (Cheer Park Only) and; Speed Demon Ornament (Unlocks at RP 10)
  • Provoke Emote (Cheer Park Only) (Unlocks at RP 15)
  • The PUBG Life Emote and; Rose Unicorn Helmet (Unlocks at RP 20)
  • Drop the Base – Pan and; Adore Emoji (Unlocks at RP 25)
  • Fatal Cry Parachute and; Iron Rose Set (Unlocks at RP 30)
  • Iron Rose Headgear (Unlocks s at RP 35)
  • Blazing Dawn Plane Finish (Unlocks at RP 40)
  • Royale Pass Avatar (Season 14) (Unlocks at RP 45)
  • Sharktooth – M16A4 and Drop the Bass Grenade (Unlocks at RP 50)
  • Black Commander Set ( Unlocks at RP 60)
  • Black Commander Headgear (Unlocks at RP 65)
  • Firefighter Backpack (Unlocks at RP 70)
  • Avian Tyrant Avatar (Season 14) (Unlocks at RP 75)
  • Avian Tyrant – M416 (Unlocks at RP 80)
  • Avian Tyrant Set Exclusive Emote (Unlocks at RP 85)
  • Avian Tyrant Headgear (Unlocks at RP 90)
  • Avian Tyrant Mask (Unlocks at RP 95)
  • Avian Tyrant Set (Unlocks at RP 100)


PUBG Mobile Korea Season 14 update can only be downloaded after getting release by using the below
Steps – Noteworthy – the Season 14 update is not available on the TapTap but is downloaded automatically in the Game.

PUBG Mobile KR 0.19.0

  1. Firstly, update the game to its latest version, which 0.19.0 from the TapTap.
    Note – You can download the TapTap APK from
    Note – if you are an iOS user download it from the Apple Store
  2. Now, Open the PUBG mobile Korea app on your device.
  3. During the loading screen, the small update will start downloading automatically.
  4. Then, wait for around two minutes.
  5. After it, the previously locked RP section will get unlocked automatically.
  6. Now, Click on the Royale Pass (RP) icon on the main screen of the game, and Do start completing
    Season 14 missions.

Hopefully, we believe that you have successfully understood and know how to perform this on your device so far. Thanks for being with us, We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.
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