How to Recruit Operator ‘Beekeeper in Watch Dog legion – Quick Guide

While, the Watch Dogs is a very popular open-world action game that unfurls a story. Although, the
watchdog legion game’s latest update will launch soon. Notably, it is the third installment of the game
and is a sequel to Watch Dogs 2. However, previous versions of the game where players used to control a single protagonist, Watch Dog’s legion brings control over multiple characters within the game.

Watch Dogs Legion: How to Recruit Operator ‘Beekeeper’

Basically, the Beekeeper is legendary operatives in the Watch Dogs Legion game. They are drone experts
and a great spy that hold special abilities over the normal people of the city. For example, the drone
expert has the ability to use shock drones on enemies.

  • Go to the Tidis Park.
    Then, follow the tiny human icon in a yellow circle.
    Now, click on Right Joystick to run a scan,then, you see a beekeeper working on its robotic bee
    Although, this operative has three abilities, i.e.

    • Bee Swarm: These are tiny bee bots that can damage and distract the enemies.
    • Overcharger: This weapon can hit any enemy with an electric shock. Basically, a one-hit weapon.
    • Anti-Shock Suit: This suit makes the operator immune to electric shocks.

    When you locate operative then, click on LB on your joystick to recruit.

Note – Drones are a good alternative to recruit when you do not access to a restricted area.
However, one of the most important thing to note is that the operative, once dead, would never
respawn during the entire gameplay of Watch Dogs Legion. So, you need to pick the right candidate for

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