How to reduce PUBG Mobile Ping, Fix PUBG PC/ Mobile Ping

As all the universe knows that the PUBG Mobile is one amongst the foremost popular battle royale games on mobile within the world. Into the sport, you may be dropped into an outsized island together with 99 other players, and you’ll develop items and weapons to fight until you’re the sole survivor or die.

Although, PUBG Mobile is very competitive with an intriguing, complex, gameplay similar to the PUBG PC version. Players are required to own excellent controlling skills, a strategic mind, and an excellent reflection to survive during this unforgiving game.


What is Ping in PUBG Mobile/PC?

Basically, the Ping is that the time for an invitation from your side to achieve the server of the sport and remit a response. In online shooter games like PUBG, it plays a serious role in players’ performance. Ping is additionally cited as latency – it’s usually shown within the left corner of the screen in PUBG.

  • How to improve your Ping?

    So, here are the factors through which you’ll fix or improve the ping.

  • Check your Internet speed

    Firstly, you’d check the speed of your connection to the net. the simplest online internet
    Get a 5 GHz WiFi Router rather than 2.5 GHz There are 2 kinds of routers available currently within the market: the 5 GHz and therefore the 2.5 GHz. From the name, you’ll be able to probably guess that the 5 GHz is way faster than its predecessor. Kindly Switch off Auto Update and synchronize option

  • Connect to the closest server

    While data are just electrical signals, it’s still under normal rules of logic. The time required to travel 100 km is clearly shorter than the time required to travel 500 km.


PUBG Ping Fix PC: Conclusion

Overall, having a quick internet connection is significant in getting a higher ping, and if you have got tried all the above methods and still get a high ping, it’s probably time to either switch internet

Providers or buy an even bigger internet package. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.

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