How to Set a BFF or Girlfriend Title in PUBG Mobile – Quick Guide

Apart from just a computer game, PUBG Mobile is also an excellent place for people to urge connected as we will add our real-life friends into our partner list. However, not everyone knows that we are able to also add titles for our partners in-game.

In fact, the PUBG Mobile partnership feature not only allows players to induce connected with their friends and even lovers but also set tittle for them like BFF, Bromance, Buddy or Lover. Additionally, thereto, you’ll also and feature them in your lobby. Just in case you’ve got no idea the way to enable this cool feature, try some easy steps below and obtain them to strengthen your real-life relationship within the virtual world.

Before adding your friends or lover as a partner, ensure that you simply two have quite 400 synergy so you’ll send the partner request to them. There are many methods to urge more synergy but the fore most way is to play matches together. Additionally, to it, exchanging gifts and BP to every other also increases your synergy.

Once you meet the desired synergy, please follow the steps below to line your partner as friends and lover in PUBG Mobile.


  • Open the buddies menu and visit Synergy section
  • Then, choose the people you would like to line a title and therefore the form of titles.
  • NOTE – you’ll be able to only provides a maximum of 5 people for the identical titles.
    Now, Return back to the homepage, click on your avatar to open your main menu.
  • Then click on the Synergy button on the highest left corner. You’ll see the map of your current
  • Now, Head towards partnership button within the right bottom corner. You’ll see a crop up with
    Which you’ll invite and accept partner requests.
  • Click Send a call for participation to ask your partner to just accept the new title.
  • Now, whenever he/she accept the request then, he/she will become your Girlfriend or BFF.

So, we hope that you have briefly got info related “How To Give Girlfriend Or BFF Titles In PUBG Mobile”. Thanks for being with us, We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.
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