How you an become a video review system investigator in PUBG Mobile

The all-new one among the foremost important features within the 1.0 update of PUBG Mobile is the Video Review System Investigator. PUBG Mobile thought that it might be an excellent idea to boost the community of the sport.

However, not many players realize this which may be a very unfortunate thing because I do know everyone wants to hitch hands to ban all hackers in PUBG Mobile. Today, i’m visiting show you ways to become a Video Review System Investigator in PUBG Mobile.

What is the Video Review System PUBG Mobile

With the Video Review System, PUBG Mobile players will be part of the review team to look at replays of reported players. One replay is going to be reviewed by many alternative Investigators and that they will vote if the player in this video created or not. If the bulk of Investigators vote Yes then that player is banned.

How can we become a Video review system Investigator?

The Video Review System is now sleep in PUBG Mobile for all players to hitch. If you’re inquisitive about making the PUBG Mobile community a cleaner place then you must definitely join up for it.

Here is how you’ll be able to become A Video Review System Investigator:

  • Open PUBG Mobile & lobby > the up arrow within the bottom corner and choose the Ban tab.
  • Now, Select the Video Review tab and tap on the beginning Review button.
  • Then, click on Ok as on pop-up.PUBG Mobile team will review your application.

Note – If you’re accepted you may get a message like within the picture below within 1 week.

After you’ve got become an Investigator, you’ll be able to start watching the footage of reported players to work out if they were cheating or not and so send your option therefore the devs can act thereon.

So, we hope that you have correctly got your content regarding “How To Become A Video Review System Investigator In PUBG Mobile And Eliminate Hackers”.

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