How you can Ban Hackers -PUBG Mobile Video Guide release today

Recently the Tencent and PUBG Mobile’s developers have decided to escalate the anti-cheat system to the subsequent level, giving the powers to the player themselves to ban the hackers in-game. With this technique, a gaggle of players would be able to watch the gameplay of a suspected cheater and judge if the guy may be a hacker or not.

PUBG Mobile’s current anti-cheat system

Although, Shooters are one among the prime targets for hacking, as creating a hack for this sort of game is very easy. Because of PUBG Mobile’s nature of being a really popular multiplayer game, you’d always have the prospect to encounter hacks, irrespective of how hard the developers try. They’ll just create a replacement security patch for the hacker to interrupt it… and therefore the circle continues.

And, Now the PUBG Mobile has 2 layers of anti-cheat, with one being automated and therefore the other being manual, with people cross-check the gameplay manually to test. Because the developers’ manpower is restricted, there are just not enough people to test, ends up in cheaters getting away with it after beating the automated system. This is often where the video review feature comes in.

PUBG Mobile New Feature working Process

Although, this can be actually not a replacement feature in gaming, as CS: GO has had the “Overwatch” feature for quite a while now, and it definitely works. Not every player would get access to the current feature, after all – it’s likely that you just would need to be above a specific rank or having enough gameplay to be a player investigator.

Moreover, When a player is reported for a particular number of times by other players, a battle replay video would be generated and randomly sent to the “investigators”, who would check the video for cheating. If the bulk agrees, the video would be sent to the official PUBG Mobile team to double-check. And it’s likely that this method would include the 1.0 update of PUBG Mobile in early September.

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