Mountain Dew partnership with PUBG Mobile to bring in-game item

Mountain Dew vending machines are coming to PUBG Mobile as a part of the collaboration between the drinkable brand and therefore the battle royale game. A DEW parachute and T-shirt have also been added to the sport.

These vending machines, which are being called “Fuel Stations,” are scattered across New Erangel. Players can access these machines to realize some exciting loot and Mountain Dew cans. These cans don’t take up any space in your inventory and might be exchanged for the DEW parachute or T-shirt, similarly as other rewards within the events menu of the sport.

This isn’t the primary time Mountain Dew and PUBG Mobile have announced a partnership. The drinkable brand was previously the official beverage of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) and World League (PMWL). it’ll even be sponsoring the $2 million PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC), which is able to begin in late November.


Mainly, Through the event the players have to gain the mountain dew cans by the vending machines as stated on the all new Erangel map which can withdrawl through different prizes as given –

  • DEW parachute: 15 cans
  • DEW t-shirt: 15 cans
  • Classic crate coupon scrap: six cans
  • Supply crate coupon scrap: three cans
  • 100 BP: one can

These cans need to be found by using the vending machines on Erangel. The vending machines are scattered across the map.  Apart from mountain dew cans, the game has also made collaboration with the k pop girl group blackpink. However, earlier the character IDs of all the various users was enclose. It’s unclear what’s going to embark of this partnership.

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