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[Exclusive] Neeraj Sharma aka NSB Pictures setting a new standard of street fashion 

Nowadays, Everyone working on their personality and trying to look appealing. Which likely to be on its peak at this generation, especially youngsters. There is a lot of series notes that we are going to find about styling with Neeraj Sharma, also Known as NSB Pictures. Today, We are going to know some unique and Simple Fashion and Style inspiration.

However, Neeraj Sharma Livedin Chandigarh based Popular Instagram With 136K followers and TikTok with 1.2M followers. Neeraj was going to share his secret tips on how you can set your benchmark for yourself with Romeshwar in a conversation. Where we discuss regular and quick tweaks, you can apply to yourself in a dress sense. Before going ahead, let’s start with the Quote.

“if you want to be original, be ready to be copied”

-Neeraj Sharma (Founder. NSB Pictures)

We are starting with his YouTube Journey, Where he teaches editing skills using PicsArt alongside Lightroom and Snapseed. One of the best things about him is he teaches all these things using Mobile Platform app services. We can’t deny that he delivers the best content for Mobile Platform users because the majority of the beginners can’t afford high-end Desktop or Editing Software. Moreover, He Runs allows you to download editing material for free.

Neeraj Sharma Interview With Romeshwar

Why Is Editing Necessary before posting on Instagram?

Neeraj quoted, “I think editing is like garnish on your style, you can make your good photos stunning with a little effort in editing.”

Coming back to Instagram and TikTok as an Influencer, he used to set a new benchmark in fashion and tries influenced by his Fashion style. He always tries to wear as simple he can but in a manner that looks attractive. Most of the time, you see him wearing a jacket, Classic jeans, and Shirts. Yes! he doesn’t purchase expensive fashionable accessories; instead, he says, “You Just Need to have a Creative Mind to Style every outfit according to your Look.” He added, “Don’t wear brands, Be a Brand.

Neeraj Sharma Interview With Romeshwar

Similarly, This means You have to invest in good quality fabric clothing. Which should be very durable for an extended stay and doesn’t wear out that easily!. He is looking forward to the belief that everyone in this universe feels so good and looks good. You require to find their best angle, Stay clam, and look at your inner soul for introducing to this universe.

What Makes Neeraj Sharma a Brand With Wearing Brand?

Neeraj Sharma Interview With Romeshwar

Look you won’t have to dress to impress anyone, dress your best and look into the mirror, if you like yourself, the world is going to like you, He Says

He always in experimental mode, Which makes him manage to look dapper no matter the time and event. We like to add that, and You have to spend time on yourself because you can’t achieve yourself in a single day. Figuring out your fashion sense and Your outfits fits you makes a real you sometimes takes time. The most vital ingredient to achieve a Look that establishes your identity is creativeness.

You have to find your best Barber or Hairstylist who likes to understand face shape and helps you to achieve the texture on your face. He also guides you with your Stylish and gives a suggestion which you can select from those options. You Don’t have to use Chemical produce such as Avoid Wax and Gel as far as possible. Neeraj Recommend if you like to use Wax, then only use a Good Quality Wax doesn’t matter how expensive it is, but it should be in your budget. Some people didn’t wash hair properly, always wash your hair after using Wax and Apply oil on hair in the night.

Neeraj Sharma Interview With Romeshwar

Your face also plays an important role, and this is why you should wash your face gently and use Alovera Gel on your face and Herbal Facewash. If you have bear, then you need to referring to a well-groomed beard because growth pattern decides a Grooming timely trimming. You Should take care of your daily grooming routine, Be carefully on your facial and Skin products.

Keep yourself in Mind and figure out style according to your Body

He says the best recommendation for every man is to wear Monochrome outfits for the best approach. It first everyone and ready for every scenario such as Weeding, Party, among others. The Best strategy for the urgent meeting or party is going take a Black outfit With White Sneaker and your Attitude!

What does he recommend to me?

Neeraj Sharma Interview With Romeshwar

He recommends me to wear Formal Chino’s With Leather Boots and Plain White Shirt, and I would like to thank Neeraj for this Kind interview if you have any Questions, Teel us in the comment section down below. I believe it isn’t as easy as it looks! We have to work hard on our appearance, and that’s it that How Neeraj Sharma’s achieve a New benchmark of street fashion.

Good Bye Words,

I want all of my followers which I call my #NSBFAM to be stylish and killing the fashion game on social media; I will be working toward it till infinity.

Thanks for being with us. We want to know your thoughts, opinions, and valuable feedback in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for a more exclusive interview in the future.

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