New Diamond weapon camo introducing in COD mobile with Season 11 Update

COD mobile introducing a latest top-tier camo afterwards this season, Activision revealed in an exceedingly post today. It’s called Diamond.

However, The devs have said the new camo is visiting be dropping with an in-game update. Players will likely be able to unlock the upcoming camo by grinding some missions within the sport. It’s to be noted that a far better tier camo can only be unlocked after getting the lower tier camos first.

Although, the users of the game consistent for the stage of final word tier camo, the devs also released out the Damascus camo along with the update of season 11. However, Damascus is also rolling out while the test server but do not get any chance in the game. It’ll increase the Gold and Platinum completion list of camos in CoD: Mobile. To unlock it, players will first get the gold and platinum camos. Call of Duty: Mobile’s 11th season, which is in a position to begin off tomorrow, features a whole season of celebration.

However, the whole theme is based on the first-anniversary celebration of the game. CoD: Mobile turned a year old on Oct. 1. Conclusively, the game is very adventurous, and the update also enhances the gameplay of the player, because of this Call of duty mobile giving hard competition to the PUBG mobile.

Some of the content which is ready to be dropping within the season includes the latest map, mode, weapons, and more. Moreover, the cranked also added to the COD mobile. However, Modern Warfare’s King map, Tactician perk, Fennec SMG, and also the Advanced UAV is the additional features soon added to CoD: Mobile during this season.

So, we hope that you have uniquely got the content regarding “New Diamond weapon camo introducing in COD mobile”.Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.

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