PUBG 6.2 delayed on consoles due to technical issues until 3rd March

We have recently got an update about the PUBG Update 6.2, Which include Cross-platform gaming support but due to some technical issue it delay until March 3. However, There were a lot of players that seemed quite an excitement because they can now finally add their friends from another console platform. As of now, It available for the BETA version on PUBG Labs.

According to the PUBG Developers, they confirm players would not have to wait long enough to avoid delays. The PUBG V6.2 on consoler brings the capabilities to play and add friends from Xbox One or Playstation 4. They both shared the same map and would be able to play together. After this announcement of the updates, There was mix reaction across the community.

On the other hand, The latest Karkin will come with an improved and slightly updates in terms of Spawns, and Meds will be Spawns more frequently than before. There will be more frequently spawn of the long-range weapons and more things across the map. Reportedly Players has problem some kind of the glitch in the game, and they said there is almost invisible while players were leaning to the right.

PUBG Likely to follow its competitor and bring more features from them, such as parachuting following, Which was Apex Legends’ unique concept. Even the Jumpmaster mechanism and other things also taken from Call of Duty as the class skills.

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Thanks for being with us. Let us know your opinion and feedback in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in the future on the same.

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