PUBG Corp Press Conference about PUBG Mobile’s Comeback To India

When PUBG Mobile got banned, that point PUBG Mobile was one of the foremost played the online multiplayer game. The game’s ban in September, together with over 100 other Chinese apps happened thanks to its links with Tencent. Since then, PUBG Corp. has left no stone unturned in trying to urge the Esport back to the country. The South Korean company said it’d create a brand new Indian subsidiary to oversee the title, which the Esport would “maximize data security and cater to local preferences”, while also pledging to take a position $100 million within the Indian “gaming, Esports, entertainment, and IT industries.”

PUBG Corporation uses Its Cards Right

In the middle of this year, PUBG Mobile, along with various popular apps, got banned as because the government of India got many complaints regarding these apps. And By analysing these apps, it was found that these apps are unsecured their user’s personal details. So, Income to action, Indian government Strictly banned these apps in India. This led to PUBG Corp. taking its first steps towards a to unban, cutting ties with Tencent, thus distancing the Esport from the Chinese conglomerate as tensions between India and China continued to run high.

However, The announcement said “PUBG Corporation has chosen not to authorize the PUBG MOBILE franchise to Tencent Games in India. Shifting above, PUBG Corp. Will fulfil all the various responsibilities and duties within the country, as the corp. Finding ways to experience their own game. So, In future, they decided to do that but in a Healthy gameplay environment for users.

Although, This was followed by an announcement that PUBG Mobile would be hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. PUBG Corp. announced plans to maximise data security and add other elements which might ‘customize’ the Esport for the Indian user. However, it consists of various PG Limits such as fully clothed character, Green blood Splatter and timelimit. So, we hope that you have perfectly got known about “PUBG Corp. Planning Regarding PUBG Mobile’s
Comeback To India”.

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