Pubg gets Arcade with 8v8 Team Deathmatch mode on PC and Console.

Player Unknown Battle Ground get his latest update with a significant upgrade, Where the PUBG developers introduced the new Arcade Mode with 8 Vs 8 Team Deathmatch. However, this update available for PC and Console players because they aimed to be Quick and Close Combat gameplay.

You, Will, find this Mode in “Arcade” section under the Play Navigation menu. Likely, This is only available for FPP mode (First Person Perspective) Similar to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. As this is a TDM match means the first to score the goal will win the round. Whereas you can access your loadout by pressing “M” key on your keyboard and the game having an Unlimited respawn and each time you respawn you can change your loadout.

Pubg gets Arcade

TDM Boost Gauge

  • +50% for scoring kills
  • +20% for assists
  • 10% per sound for No Damage

Pubg gets Arcade

When the players respawn after death, Players will be invincible for a quiet time for fair match policy. Moreover, the respawn will be at nearby players, and it will be at a safe place as possible. Players receive points to kill along TDM boost gauge gives you health to recover for those players who don’t damage for a specified period at least for five seconds.

New Update – Team Deathmatch | PUBG

There was multiple Loadout option such as 2 AR kits, 2 DMR kits, 2 SR kits, 1 SMG kit, and 1 Shotgun kit. As this is a TDM means a Close combat fight mistake fire or the Friendly fire turned off. Every round is 10 minutes and with the 50 kills to win the match. It is also lookalike similar to Mini Map on PUBG Mobile, Where Blue Zone covers you and it available in Vikendi, Sanholk, Sanhoke has taken a Small map.

Pubg gets Arcade

List of TDM battlefields

  • Stalber, Sosnovka Military Base from ERANGEL
  • Paradise Resort, Docks from SANHOK
  • Podvosto, Peshkova from VIKENDI
  • Campo Militar from MIRAMAR

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We like to know What’s your opinion and feedback in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.

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