PUBG Lite Bring New Map “Periverka” and “Free for All” Mode for 5 Days

Pubg Lite Start Getting New Update Featuring a “Free for All” Mode, Which is an Arcade Mode With all New Map. It Going to be an Interesting Gameplay Because of this allow us to Rushing and Play all Over Map and This Update Size ~306MB.

There Were Some Challanges mission in the New Mode to test your Skills and Periverka has been Added You can Directly Update your Pubg Lite from your Pubg Lite Launcher, Where you Will Find an Arcade Section under the “Play Tab”.


Here is Inspired by the Team Deathmatch Mode But With a New Map Named as the perverse. In First Look, it Looks like a Revamped Version of School from the Original PUBG Map in Erangel.

However, It is a Solo Mode Gameplay IN FPP mode landed 7 Players into Periverka for Fast Packed and It Going to be a Close-Quarter Combat. Faster Gameplay Will Develop The Skill and Response time of your Gameplay. After Landing you have 10 Minutes to Knock, First 20 Kills Will Win the Match.

The Game Started From the Outside of the Periverka and You have to Loot to Stock up your Arsenals. Pick-up Guns and Important Loot and Start Fight, You Will Find Guns Faster and You Will be able to Secure yourself Using AUG or GROZA on the School Roof.


Fight Harder to Secure the Most Numbers of Kills and You Will Respawn Within 5 Second if you Knockout During the Match. Meanwhile, You Will be Invincible for 2 Seconds in this PUBG Lite Game Mode.

This Mode is Currently available for Just 5 Days, Means it is a Time-Limited Event Similar to Call of Duty Feature Mode. Under the Hood, Pubg Definitely Make Major Several Optimization for Known Bugs and Crashes. There is New Sight Animation, Crosshair Style to Clarify about Sight and Primary Scope during FPP Mode and While throwing Throwables.


PUBG LITE Exclusive Mode Added Now! Patch Note: 21 November, 2019 



  • There are two posts at either side of the building where you can switch weapons.
    • There is no ammo at these posts.
  • Lv 1~3 gear, boost items and ammo can be obtained from the floor in the War Zone.
    •  Ammo types: 5.56MM, 7.62MM, 9MM, 12 Gauge, 0.45ACP
  • There is a Supply Tower on the building rooftop where you can obtain the AUG and Groza.
    • Drop Time:
      • After 2 minutes of play time: AUG
      • After 3 minutes of play time: Groza
  • A system message is shown on the upper-left corner of the screen 30 seconds before AUG and Groza spawns.
    • When a player obtains the AUG/Groza weapon, the system message disappears.
  • If you die after obtaining the supply tower weapon, you will respawn equipped with the same weapon.


  • Players will revive 5 seconds after death, with 2 seconds of invincibility.
    • No player crate is left behind when a player dies.
  • When you revive, you will be equipped with the same weapons and ammo you had at the moment of death. 


(Same as 4VS4 Match)

  • Health recovers automatically 7 seconds after the last hit.
    •  After the 7 seconds, health will recover in intervals of 10% per second until the maximum recovery level of 75% is reached.
  •  You can acquire boost items in the War Zone to recover HP.
    • Boost item types: Energy Drink, Painkiller, Adrenaline Syringe


  • Players will start out in the “Starting Sector” where they will have 90 seconds to select their weapons and attachments.
    • At the end of 90 seconds, all players will be moved to the “War Zone” and the match begins.
    • All players will be randomly spawned inside or on the roof of the Periverka building.
    • Once the match begins, you cannot go back to the Starting Sector.
  • At the start of the match, players are provided with the following: Lv1 backpack, Lv1 helmet, Lv1 armored vest.

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Thanks for Being With us, Share your More valauble opinion and Feedback in the comment Section Down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on Same.

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