PUBG Lite Season 2 With In-Game Currencies, 4VS4 and Lite pass arrived

Pubg Lite get a New update for More than 25 Countries around the World. So in this article, We are going to discuss all the Major things you Should Know about.

First thing First Game Bring Some major Upgrade like a New Mission, Items Store, TDM Carrer Statistics and they Include Some New gameplay Achievements Database and More. Not to mention, They also Fix those Bugs and Mission Categories to Complete. Which have Been Added With this Latest Updates.

New In-Game Currency

PUBG Lite Season 2

Pubg Lite Introduce an In-Game Currency as the Chicken medal and Silver Bullet. Where Chicken Medals used to Purchased a Single Crate and can be Acquire from Daily Login event.

Also, tit Can be Acquire from a Lite Pass and Lite Pass Premium Rewards, Chicken Mission, Daily Mission, Pubg Lite Playday Event on Weekends, Crates Purchased With BP (Battle Points) and Community Event.

PUBG Lite Season 2

Additionally, It can be Used to Purchased Paid Crates and Players can Purchase Chicken Meda Directly from a Silver Bullet Store. Likewise, The Silver Bullet Can be used to Scrapping a Skin or Exchange the Skin you Don’t Want to Use. As of now, there is No Steam market. Recycle is Based on the Color of Gun and It Minimum Give you 10 Silver Bullet and Maximum 500 Silver Bullet.

Lite Pass Season 2

PUBG Lite Season 2

This is the Second Season of Pubg Lite, Which Will be Continue for Upcoming Eight Weeks Means Until December 5. Where Players Can Enjoy the Extend to Claim their Rewards until December 12. It Includes Some Specific Mission for Lite Pass: Premium and Challenge Mission Will be in its Duration of Season 2.

However, you can Access Daily Mission to Gain XP and Earn Rewards. Not only This, There Were two Levels of Pass a Premium and Premium Plus to Purchase.

4 VS 4 Mode (Team DeathMatch)

PUBG Lite Season 2

Recently, It Was Introduced in the BETA Version of Pubg Lite. Now it Finally arrives in Pubg Lite, Where Players Have to Battle With Each Other. There Were Only Two Teams in the Match total of 8 players. The Frist Squad to get 40 kills Will Win the Game, Map is Surrounded by old Rusted Shipping Containers and abandoned Vehicles.

On the other hand, You can Now Check the TDM Statistics Such as Matched players, Win Rate, Kill Streak, KD and More. under the Hood, Pubg Lite also Focus to Improve Gaming. The Game Fixed all the Issue like the Scoping Become Transparent or Collision of Weapons.

They also Make Possible to Walk Under the Bridget in Certain areas in Sanhok. Improved Matchmaking Pop-up Message, Sound Improved across Different Floors in Building and UAZ Rear Wheels Texture Perfect of the Soft top.

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Thanks for Being With us, Share your more valuable opinion and feedback in the Comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in Future on Same.

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