Download PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 APK + OBB File: Chinese Version New Features

Recently Pubg Mobile 0.14.5 Beta Version Release in China But it Will Available for Global Version Soon.

The 0.14.5 Version Adds a Survival Mode in Which We have to Hunt and Make Bonfires. So, as not Freeze.

Added New MP5K Weapon Gun Uses 9MM Bullets. This Gun Could Replace Vector in Vikendi Map Using Magazine Capacity 30 Default and 40 With Extended.

  • Weapon Class: SMG
  • Ammo Type: 9MM
  • Damage: 33
  • Damage Per Second: 495
  • Effective Fire Range: 100mm
  • Rate of Fire: 900rpm
  • Muzzle Velocity: 380m/s
  • Fire Mode: Single, Burts & Auto

  • Added New Jump Assistance Features & Fireworks Guns
  • UMP 9 is Going to Be Called UMP45 Because it Will Use .45ACP ammo instead of 9mm.
    Magazine Capacity reduced to 25 default and 35 Extended.
  • Vector Will use 9mm ammo Instead of .45ACP. Magazine Capacity 19 Default and 33 With Extended as Damage Decreased as Well.
  • Tactical Stock Can be Equipped on M16A4 and MK47 Mutant.
  • Pistol P92 Now Support Holo Sight along Red Dot.
  • SnowBike and Zima in Vekendi Will Replaced by Bike in Vikendi.
  • Added PP-19 Weapon Gun Using 9MM Bullets Contained 53 Bullets.
  • AWM Sniper Rifles Will Get Buff to Body Shot Multiplier, So the AWM Wil be Able to One Shot LVL 2 Vest if Hit on the Chest.
  • Added New Canted Sight Using Equipped on rifles, shooter rifles, sniper rifles, light machine guns with upper rails.
  • New FPP Animation when you run with any SMG
  • New option to aim shoot with all weapon
  • Footprints included also to vehicle tracks.
  • Extreme Cold Mode – Vikendi

What do you Guys think, Do you like the New Gun? Do you Like the UMP9 Changes? What about the AWM Buff Also M16 Recoil Getting a Major Buff. Will the M16 and Mutant Buff Make you Use them Now.

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  • Added Effects: Seal, Tire Print & Footprint
  • Added Extreme Cold Mode
  • The New Version Will Include Stimulus Battlefield along Chicken Needs to Challange
  • the SnowStorm Weather, Survive in the Extreme Cold Environment.

System Optimization

  • Optimize the character’s running animation performance in the first person’s hand-held submachine gun, further restore the end-game experience;
  • Optimize the performance of the pull-up bolt in the open state, and now restore the end-game change, and you can move or run without lowering the moving speed when pulling the bolt;
  • Optimizes the performance of the action role-playing to change the gun against the wall, through the wall to solve the problem of firearms in some cases;
  • Solve the problem of the role of sliding performance from the high ground running
  • Operation settings – the function of adding hidden buttons in the custom layout.
  • When entering the team, the immortal star drill and glory crown segment increase the entrance effect.

  • When entering the team, the super ace segment increases the admission action and optimizes the team entrance effect, which is even cooler.
  • The preview of the display of the rewards for the boot camp and the buddy missions is adjusted to the real thing by the treasure chest.
  • Add more sharing pictures and texts when sharing the records.
  • When the list of chat room personnel changes, the list position remains unchanged;
  • Adjustment The position of the reservation button during the battle.
  • The option to increase the level limit in the room opening condition.
  • The function of the legion interface to increase the invitation to the members of the legion to send the invitation to the bound WeChat group or QQ group.

Download For AndroidDownload For iOSIn Case of Error: Click Here

Download Official BETA PUBG MOBILE 0.13.0 for Android and iOS

Note: This Game in China is Known as Game of Peace, So if you are Not able to Download or Understand. We Will Later Update you With the Global Beta as Well. Thanks for being With Us, Share your opinion and Feedback in the Comment Section Down Below. Stay tuned for More Further Updates.

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Lovepreet Bachhal


Lovepreet Bachhal


[…] to another source, the update has started rolling out in China on ‘Game of Peace’ as it is known in the region. […]

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