Pubg Mobile 0.14.5 Updates: Leakes, Weapons, Vehicles and More.

Tencent Working Frequently to Improve Gaming Experiences Especially on their Popular game Pubg Mobile. This Battle Royal Game Seems to Brings News Weapons and New Features Soon. Recently, We Got a Leak Image Suggested the Game Could Offer you a 90FPS and 120FPS Graphics Options. We are Expecting these Will Make a Way in Season 9 Because the Season 8 is on the Edge.

PUBG Mobile update 0.14.5 with Season 9 expected to arrive on September 12


Pubg Mobile 0.14.5

We Recently Get the Full Version of Vikendi Map after Testing of Vikendi. This Map Will Soon add New Weapons Vikendi-Exclusive SMG Known as “MP5LK”. Which using a 9mm ammo Rounds Similar to UMP-9 or PP-19 Bizon. Likewise, it Could Replace Vector and Bring More Larger Magazine Size up to 30 Bullets. Not to Mention it Having a
Low Firing Rate alongside Damage Compares to the Vector.

ZIMA: Vikendi-Exclusive Vehicle.

Pubg Mobile 0.14.5

UAZ is one of the Most used and Easy to Drive Vehicle on Pubg Mobile but Driving on Those Roads having a Snow Layer. While Driving We have to be attentive about Slipping Tires or Difficult to Drive on those Roads, this is Because We can Expect to Replace the UAZs. ZIMA will be a 4×4 Vehicle, Recently we also Rumor of a New Snowbike Being added to the Game Replacing Motorcycle. ZIMA could be Slower Compare to UAZs But More Durable.

Canted Sight

Pubg Mobile 0.14.5

This is the Most Excited thing, The Canted Sight is a Secondary Sight attach to Weapons. This allows you to Use a Short Range Scope Like Red dot and Holo Sight. Players can easily use it and Will Switch Between the Sight and Push More Faster than before Without Changing Scope.

Survival Mode

Pubg Mobile 0.14.5

We Think there will be a New Survival Mode Coming to Pubg Mobile. Where Player has to Hunt and Fire to Survive, So that Not to frozen. Player has to Feels Warn Means this Could be on Vikendi like Experience.

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We are Hoping the Pubg Mobile 0.14.5 Might arrive on September 12th. Thanks for Being With us, Share Your Valuable Opinion and Feedback in the Comment Section Down below. Stay tuned for More Further updates.

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