Pubg Mobile 0.15.0 Degal, Ledge Grab and Gas Explosive on October 16

Pubg Mobile is one of the Popular Battle Royal Game, Which Promise to Bring Some PC Like Gameplay to Pubg Mobile as Well. not the official Twitter Handle of PUBG Mobile Confirmed Some of the Most Awaited Feature Soon arriving at Pubg Mobile.

The Next Update of Pubg Mobile Version is 0.15.0, Already BETA version is Released to Download and Test the Upcoming Feature. Click Here to Download Beta.

Some of the Features are Already introduced in PUBG Mobile China, Not to Mention they Were Slightly Improved Visual Changes. Furthermore, PUBG Mobile Promise to Remove and Focus on Removing those Players Who are Using Scripts. Which Good things Because they Ruined the Game in many Ways, To Make Fair Game it Necessary to do.

The Most awaited Element is the BRDM-2 vehicle, Which a Level 5 vehicle of UAZ. However, We Used to Fire Flare outside of Zone. So We can easily and Safely go inside the Zone. It Works Similar but More Durable in Terms of Bulletproof Tyre and Terrain Navigation Experience.

of course, The BRDM-2 Will Replace the UAZ accommodates 4 Players. It Can Be Call by Using Flare Gun outside the Play Zone. First Look it Lookalike a Tank but its a Vehicle Cab Deal More damage.

Even the Ledge Grab, Which Recently Introduced in PUBG PC and PUBG Lite Platforma. We Believe it is one of the Most Helpful for More Tactical Option. This Allow Players to Essential do Parkour. The Help Players to avoid Emeny Fire, Quick Action, Cross the Walls or Fence. There Were More ways to Use, Means now you will be able to Grab the Edge of Building, Crates and Containers.

This Bring a lot of Options to Try during an Intense Gameplay. Additionally, it is More Helpful during Jumping from Building to Building. This Will Enable Character to Go on those Place Where it Was Impossible to Reach Before.

Last but Not Least, The Blast Gas Can Means if you Fire on Gas Can can Explode Hard During Fighting. Which Might Be Helpful During Bridge Camp. The Explosive can Deal With a Significant Amount of Damage to Players. Even More than Grenades. Which you can Find during Loot.

There is also a New Pistol Gun, Which is a Degal Gun. It is one of the Most Powerful Weapons, It Easily Breal Level 3 Helmet from One-Shot. Means you can Easily Knockout. The player using these Weapons. it is a Semi-auto Handgun.

The Game is Set to Rollout on October 16th. So you just Have to Wait for a Week. We are Interesting to Use these features out. This Feature for Sure attract Some Eye Balls, Where the Call of Duty is a Compettaot and how ell it Stacks up against Pubg Mobile. Also, CODM having Better FPP and More features. We have Now More options to Test things out.

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Let us Known for What update are you Looking Forward to? Thanks for Being With us, Share your More valuable opinion and feedback in the Comment section down below. Stay tuned for More further updates in future on Same.

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