Pubg Mobile 0.18.0: Everything you need to know ahead of Offical rollout.

Tencent is about to release its latest pubg mobile 0.8.0 in couple of days. where we already know some of its key features and we have been taken it from beta testing and some surface leagues around the web. so let’s take a closer look to word it and you more about what is coming in the new pubg mobile 0.8.0 update.

PUBG Modes 2020

First first there were can you feature called cold front survival, this new mod brings a lot of new condition such as you have to survive in the cold scenario and feed yourself to achieve a specific ranking. Not to mention you also have to fight with your enemies and survive at the same time.

1. safety Scramble Mode

This feature all attribute with the official pubg title pubg, this mode having two blue zones institute of one like usable makes it more interesting to play. The second blue zone appear inside 1st zone. More likely to be inside of a zone some thing like red zone.

The secondary blue zone will shrink down directly e proportional to the primary blue zone. Which means you have to survive inside Out instead of outside.

2. jungle Adventure Guide Mode.

This mode will be exclusively available to play for this specific classic Map Sanhok.there you will find hot air balloon studiam Jungle food and other elements to survive. Meanwhile there were three different type of temporary buf alongside three different effects. There you have to find the Jungle food instead of guns only e to survive the game and then have to find totem with the help of hot air.

You can find the hot air balloons with the help of mini map, on the balloon there were only e a loot available for one player and player have to control the balloon upside and forward only.  there is in Perth that you can directly jump from the hot air balloon and you would not lose the health.

Furthermore whenever the enemies make any kind of noise then he will appear on the minimum for few minutes and the vision will be blood for few seconds as well. This all things combination going to make it more intense gameplay around the wooden temple.

3. Miramar 2.0

This seems to be one of the most awaiting map for the classic pubg mobile. There will be some vending machines, win94 within support of 3x scope. even there was a lot of new person that have been taken from the classic Call of Duty mobile purchase drone class upgrades to bring an intense gameplay in a form of new classic game form.


4. Training Ground Updated, SMG P90

The upcoming update will also going to bring and new revamped training mode. Where you can check your ranking and some mini challenges for yourself to improve with the analysing your mistakes.

The new weapon SMG p91 most classic gun that player have to used in counter strike games for a long time. not to mention it have an ability to double the ammo and magazines alongside scope as well. Moreover the game also going to adopt an candid side with an 1x scope.

Thanks for being with us we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section on below. stay tuned for more for the updates in future on same.

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