PUBG Mobile 20YO Gamer’s life, Victim arose create conflict with his father

PUBG has already become the simplest online Multiplayer game. However, In spite of being referred to as the foremost popular survival game within the world, PUBG Mobile has faced plenty of scandals, especially within the crowded market like India. in step with a recent report, this country has recorded a brand new serious case referring to PUBG Mobile.

A person was attacked to death by his three friends and therefore the reason behind it absolutely was reported because of a touch controversy when the victim advised his teammates to stay their voice down within the game.

Moreover, This painful case isn’t the sole incident referring to this popular survival game within the past, PUBG Mobile came vulnerable when indirectly stealing the life of a young gamer – a university student at the age of 20. This case passed off after the victim arose a conflict along with his father.

Accordingly, the victim was studying a university in Jalandhar, India. Although, The report got wind that mthe daddy snatched the smartphone removed from his son. He wanted his son to prevent playing PUBG Mobile because he believed that it might negatively affect his study result.

Although, within the past, there had been plenty of controversies between these two people and therefore the father even broke his son’s smartphone. Consistent with the Indian media, the victim left a message before his suicide. The police revealed that he used his father’s revolver to finish up his life.

However, The victim’s father said that he didn’t scout at the victim, but as parents, he must require his son to target studying and spending less time on smartphones and playing PUBG Mobile. A peace officer called Ravinder Singh revealed that the father said the 20-year-old victim always spent many hours playing the sport. PUBG Mobile has been criticized repeatedly when it allegedly incites violence and ends up in many pitiful cases for Indian gamers.

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