Pubg Mobile announced the extreme cold mode with Drone

Pubg mobile announces their new cold front survival mode will be rollout on this April 16. The same mode is being added to the Chinese pubg mobile last year with the name as the extreme cold mode. It’s likely to be a reprinted mode designed for global players coming with some additional feature search as a drone used to find enemies.

This was coming for the first time debuted on the global pubg mobile version. There were a lot of players that might be confused. So today, we are going to help you with pubg mobile cold front survival in depth.

What is Pubg Mobile Cold Front Survival

As the name suggests, it had a cold, closed environment suggesting snow map home the pubg mobile quite identical to the vikendi Snow map. Where you have a certain limit of what level, but you will start losing your health when you are the temperature of the character goes low. Every 5 minutes, there will be snow strong that significantly drop you’re what level, and you will start getting losing the health.

Meanwhile, you have to take your warmth level up again with the help of heat. In addition to reaching your health, there was some healthcare such as branch, heater, warmth package, and animal that you can heat in exchange for health to get warmth.

How you can revive yourself to get warmth
• Branch: it is used for bonfire inside the house to you want yourself, it can hold up to 15 seconds for every single branch.

• Warmth Package: this package help you to regain your health level up again for 30 seconds; it is quite similar to the bandages.

• Heater: as the name mention, this heater will be placed on a certain location, and you have to find them with the help of your map location. You are not allowed to carry this hit with yourself because it is quite helpful because it instantly warms you for a long time.

• Animals: you can use the animals to wake in your help by the fire, eating roasted meat to help you to give you a certain amount of warmth.

As we mentioned, there were certain additional things that are going to depute with the pubg mobile cold front survival. It includes a Drone that is quite similar to u a v drone from Call of Duty mobile. You can use the drone, and you have a full control to fly around to find the enemy. However, you should not be allowed to move controlling your drone, suggesting that you have to hide yourself, but you should be on the open location that allowed you to fly the drone. But it allows you to use it for a total of 5 minutes.

Thanks for being with us, we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.

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