PUBG Mobile beta 1.1 update Patch notes – Everything you need to know

Finally, the PUBG Mobile’s long-awaited 1.1 updates have just been released on the beta server. This upcoming patch goes to be pretty big – including a brand new game mode, a new item, a winter-themed event… and more. The patch is perhaps visiting hit the live server after a specific period of testing to filter out the bugs..

However, a brand new game mode, a replacement item for the classic game mode, further as a winter-themed event is going to be introduced to the sport with this update.


New Metro Royale Mode

This new metro Royale mode would include 2 new maps, a replacement scotopic vision scope together with an exclusive rifle named Tikka. supported the leaks, the maps are visiting be indoor and covered darkly, thus require the usage of visual modality scopes. they may even be in an abandoned Metro. Players would be able to bring weapon load-outs onto the mode, almost like Call of Duty Mobile’s loadouts. this is able to remove the necessity of getting to loot items and let the players focus solely on combat. Furthermore, players would even be ready to purchase new weapons within the “black market” Metro Royale Shop in-game yet.

Changes in Classic mode

Basically, the all-new winter castle mode is coming in-game, specifically In classic mode. Players would be able to visit and fight within the Winter Festival hut, a totally new location. Melee weapons are now throwable – they’ll be picked up later to use again. a brand new item named Spike Trap goes to be added to the current patch – it’s visiting be a counter to enemy vehicles, puncturing the tires of any cars that run over it. However, It is unclarified when precisely the update will hit the test servers.

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