PUBG Mobile Deployable Shield, Grappling Hook, Abilities & Much More

Recently, Pubg Mobile Rollout the PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 and We Start getting Some hinted about Next Updates. Which Include Some Major Gameplay and We are Featuring a Leak from Mr.GhostGaming a Well Known Tipstern and been tested a PUBG MOBILE Chinese BETA.

Not to mention, There were Some Usual bugs need to be fixed in next major update but We also have Some Major Additional Changes to make the gameplay more interesting for upcoming players and existing players as well.

PUBG Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the major competitors for pubg Mobile, So they were looking forward to provides those features in the game as well. Yes, the Grappling hook is expected to arrive. A Video Published by Mr.GhostGaming unveiled the grappling hook With him for his Assistance. Meanwhile, He Can travel around the map With the grappling hook.

Furthermore, Players can now able to climb upon building by aiming for the top Spot and going up in an instant. Sound Familiar Doesn’t it Yes! it also belongs to call of Duty Mobile. To make the gameplay more engaged, The grappling Will be cooldown after 20-second and can be used once. Even they will also Include a Jet Booster to jump from a building and it has enough thrust to touch the ground safely without Dying in the match.

PUBG Mobile

Similarly, It also brings a Shelter Shield to Deploy and can be used to protect you from Bullets. Even your Squad can Easily hide behind it but it can only stay deployed for a Limited Time. Okay, This Will Exclusively available for classic mode only. Which make Science, to engaged and heal your fellow Teammates and ger own Safely from the enemy.

Whereas, it also having a New Healing gun to heal your knockout teammates from a distance. A Heal ray Will be shot from you and your teammates have to took medical aids to regain health. This Surely helps your Team to Stand ours for a longer time. As for now, We have all this information. It supposes to Rollout for Chinese First then arriving for global.

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Thanks for being with us, share your more valuable opinion and feedback in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on Same.

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