PUBG Mobile developers to make an important announcement on 15th November

PUBG Mobile always brings several updates in every season or festival in India. And In every update, there’s something unique. Same as we all know that Battle royale titles on the mobile platform became immensely popular. Basically, this game is mainly the best growing game along with better and enhanced Graphics. The developers herald periodical updates that bring new features into the sport and enhance the general experience.

However, PUBG Mobile has already announced on its social media platform quoting to launch something special on Diwali with lots of various additional features and modding, which increases the players’  gaming skills.

PUBG Mobile devs’ key announcement on 15th November

PUBG Mobile has recently posted on its social media platform that they’re introducing special features or up-gradation within the game on November 15th. So, they directly indicated that they’re releasing something new within the game, of course.

However, within the post, they also provided gamers with the announcement’s timing, which can be made on 15th November at 13:30 (UTC+0)/7:00 PM IST. With this PUBG Mobile post, the players are excited about the new statement, to be made in a
very few days.

The 1.1 updates were released on 10th November and brought exciting new features received well by the players. Although it also consists of various new modes and several unique features, which would help in unique the update rather than other Updates.

Collectively, the PUBG Mobile will, of course, do something new, which can be revealed on November 15th. So, watch for the Exclusive launch of PUBG Mobile till the date that they need already given. So, we hope that you just have correctly got your content regarding “PUBG Mobile developers to form a significant announcement on 15th November”.

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